WIN Annual Reports April 2019 Midyear Report | Page 6

top 4 highlights 5 WAS H I N G T O N I N T E RF AI T H N E T WO RK AFFORDABLE HOUSING GRAND OPENINGS WIN is celebrating two grand openings of affordable housing developments that we have been organizing around for years. WIN leaders Rufaro Jenkins and Cynthia Eaglin worked hard to push for the rebuilding of Parkway Overlook, and the grand opening took place April '19. Emory UMC built The Beacon Center, 99 units of affordable housing, on church land. WIN supported Emory in getting the site through zoning, and the grand opening took place March '19. TRANSIT FUNDING In spring 2018, an agreement for $500 million/year in dedicated funding for WMATA passed in DC, MD, VA. This historic victory provides WMATA with dedicated funding for the first time ever. WIN & Metro IAF’s actions and organizing efforts were critical to helping demonstrate there was citizen support for this investment. Citizens of DC invested in WMATA by pushing for this agreement, and now we want WMATA to invest in the people. We aim to push WMATA to re-establish training programs and pass an affordable housing policy on their land. IMMIGRANTS' LEGAL SERVICES FUNDING WIN held an action with Councilmember Nadaeu in April 2018 with over 300 leaders calling for $2.5 million dedicated to immigrant legal services funding. WIN also turned out over 120 leaders to meet with DC Attorney General Racine, who committed his support. After speaking out at the Mayor's budget engagement forums, WIN is celebrating the $2.5 million victory for immigrants' legal services included in DC's 2020 budget.