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You tell them by making sure your site is fresher , faster , and has more authority than the other dentists ’ sites ‘ near me .’ Or you don ’ t do that , and Google determines you ’ re not the ‘ best dentist ’ near me . It ’ s in your hands , literally at your fingertips . It ’ s consistently adding fresh , original content to your site ( cutting and pasting others ’ content does not work , Google sees it as a poke in the eye , and it hurts your search rank ).
It ’ s fairly easy to get started :
STEP 1 : Take an hour and make a list of things about your practice , your community , your staff , your office , your ongoing training and education , additional equipment , and / or services you might add in 2022 .
STEP 2 : Block 30 minutes on your calendar every Friday ( or whenever your office time is ).
STEP 3 : Transfer the list from STEP 1 on to actual Fridays on the calendar .


Post 2022 office hours or holiday schedule


Post something about insurance changes
You get the idea . It ’ s the difference between “ I ’ m gonna lose ten pounds in 2022 ,” and “ I am going to lose ten pounds in 2022 by replacing my sodas with water , limiting dessert to one night a week , and lose one pound a month between January and November .”
You ’ ll have moved from “ I ’ m going to get more new patients from my website in 2022 ” to the specific plan above .
If you don ’ t have the time , desire , or skills to do this , but still want the end result of more patients coming to you from your website , find a partner to do it .





Post what you learned at a conference
( with a link to it )
Add something new to your Facebook page once a week .
Rinse and repeat the exercise above , except schedule a meeting with your staff at the end of each month ( over lunch or in a regular staff meeting ) and brainstorm for the upcoming month .
What holidays , special occasions , community events are upcoming in the next month ? What new things do you have at the practice ( changes in staff , the office , equipment ), ongoing training , etc .?
Transfer that list to the same calendar above and have someone on your staff make the posts weekly ( that you approve !). What might be appropriate to your humorous , 30-something staff member might not be appropriate for grandma , so always see the post first .
Same as your website updates : if you don ’ t have the time , desire , or skills on staff to do this , find a partner to do it .

Resolution 3

Add one new patient review each week and respond to all reviews .
Why is this critical ? To learn how consumers rely on reviews there is some data on our website , but the larger point here is that it ties back to Resolution # 1 . Google considers reviews new , original content on your site . So your patients are helping tell Google you ’ re the ‘ best dentist ’ in the area . If you ’ re not currently ‘ fussing ’ with reviews , please re-think that . Today ’ s consumers demand seeing fresh reviews and so does Google . Just be sure to respond in a HIPAA-compliant way .
You probably didn ’ t see this plot twist coming , but use the same process above ( block time on your calendar weekly to respond to reviews ). If your Practice Management System ( PMS ) supports automation review requests , look into that . Our clients saw an average of 63 % jump in the number of reviews when integrating the review requests with their PMS .
I am elated about 2022 . Fingers crossed , the pandemic is fully behind us and we can move on to our new normal . If you also believe 2022 has great potential , make these three resolutions and begin seeing more new patients making appointments from your website .
Ernie Cote is the owner of Bullseye Media , LCC . For 15 years , Bullseye Media has helped over 300 dental practices get new patients and increase revenue per patient through highly effective search marketing , social media , website design and review management . Prior to purchasing Bullseye Media , Ernie has worked on executive leadership across a breadth of companies , served on numerous boards , and is frequently consulted by companies striving to strategically expand revenue . Specializing in operations leadership and customer retention , Ernie is a devoted and passionate leader who consistently maximizes shareholder value while also maintaining a happy and healthy office culture . Send email to : ernie @ bullseyemediallc . com .
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