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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2018 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contents: eTwinning helps students and teachers grow by Irene Pateraki – page 5 Project-Based Learning: The creative pedagogy of eTwinning projects by Sophia Kouzouli – page 5 eTwinning: why, what, how by Mariangela Bielli – page 8 Take a selfie with eTwinning: A self-assessment practice of digital skills for school staff by Roberta delle Monache and Françoise Altamura – page 9 The most European way to participate in the European Competition by Andrea Ullrich – page 11 eTwinning… The best place to grow up by Cira Serio – page 12 “Learn2Move, Move2Learn” and eTwinning: Travel, teaching and learning experience by Cristina-Iulia Gîlă – page 15 Teachers, if you want to change your life, be eTwinners! by Dhurata Myrtollari – page 17 Let’s collaborate with researchers on eTwinning projects even at preschool! by Murielle Ducroo – page 19 How eTwinning helped my professional development by Ionela Camelia Lazea – page 21 At school with eTwinning by Virgilio Iandiorio – page 23 Scientix and eTwinning: Synergies and opportunities by Enrica Maragliano – page 25 eTwinning – e-platform for enhancing the students’ collaboration experiences in Math research by Ariana-Stanca Văcărețu – page 27 STEM-Scientix-eTwinning experiences by Franca Sormani – page 29 STEM disciplines in the project "My planet, a drop in the Universe" by Diana Gheorghe – page 30 A happy STEM experience with Bee-Bot by Maria Tsapara, Eftychia Nikolaou and Eleni Kospolemi – page 32 STEM subjects in my school by Carmen Sin – page 36 Scientix resource repository for hands-on activities related to space exploration in preschool by Merve Akyol Kiliç – page 38 Small scientists STEM club by İbrahim Onur Gökdoğan – page 40 Giving meaning to learning with eTwinning by Anabela Cristina Tristão Santos – page 41 eTwinning project: Volunteens researchers in STEMLand by Eleni Rossiou – page 43 eTwinning and Scientix: The perfect tandem for working STEAM in schools by Lorenzo Castilla Mora – page 45 eTwinning STEAM projects in primary school by Cornelia Melcu and Valerica Mititelu – page 47 STEAM SPACE – How to successfully link the “A” from STEAM with the space content by Ana Belén Gómez Muñoz – page 50 Find your badge – a cultural heritage treasure hunt by Andrea Ullrich – page 52 Space adventures by Tatjana Gulic – page 53 Do you play with me? - Cultural heritage and inclusion giving hands by Glória Marçal and Manuela Baptista – page 55 2