Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter 8 Visibility of eTwinning Projects Newsletter 8

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2018 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group NEWSLETTER 8 ~ Growing the right crops ~ July 2018 In this issue:              Project-Based Learning: The creative pedagogy of eTwinning projects - Sophia Kouzouli, Greece Once upon… two times – eTwinning project partners become friends – Heidi Giese, Germany Teachers, if you want to change your life, be eTwinners! – Dhurata Myrtollari, Albania STEAM SPACE – How to successfully link the “A” from STEAM with the space content – Ana Belén Gómez Muñoz, Spain Scientix and eTwinning: Synergies and opportunities – Enrica Maragliano, Italy eTwinning – the key to self-discovery – Rita Godoroja, Republic of Moldova SIF TEACHER PANEL and SAFER INTERNET FORUM – Aspazia Olar, Romania Little STEMists – Merve Akyol Kiliç, Turcia Let’s collaborate with researchers on eTwinning projects even at preschool! – Murielle Ducroo, France Giving meaning to learning with eTwinning - Anabela Cristina Tristão Santos, Portugal Space adventures – Tatjana Gulic, Slovenia eTwinning STEAM projects in primary school – Cornelia Melcu and Valerica Mititelu, Romania Shall we meet at the harbour? Europeana’s Galleries in the service of eTwinning projects – Angeliki Kougiourouki, Greece Teaching & Learning with eTwinning Editor: Daniela Bunea ISSN 2247-6881 ISSN – L 2247-6881 1