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The great divide

Key Features

What makes a Woodfold Accordion Door such a great choice to close off a space , or divide a larger room ? It ’ s the incredible range of materials to choose from , including hardwood veneers , vinyls , aluminum , and acrylic . It ’ s the marvelous array of finishes we offer to accent or coordinate any room , such as color-matched paints and stains , or even clear acrylic , so you won ’ t miss a thing on the other side .
But the beauty of a Woodfold door isn ’ t only skin deep . It ’ s also :
• Overhead suspension , with nothing • Compact folded size to use to trip over minimal floor space
• Durable hardware for years of • Optional perimeter seal to help reliably smooth operation keep in heat and noise
• ADA-compatibility options
• Optional perforated panels that allow airflow
• Optional locks and latches
• Curvable tracks / multiple meeting posts for unique installations
• Custom sizing for a perfect fit
Read more about our work in the Northwest : www . woodfold . com