Vendor Door Catalogs Woodfold Brochure | Page 3

Versatile solutions


Commercial / Residential
• Senior living projects
• Multi-family
• High-occupancy housing
• Long-term care
Woodfold space-saving doors fit any commercial or residential bill , in sophisticated hardwood finishes , solvent-free paints and stains , and a range of vinyl colors . Our single-sided Accordion Doors glide quietly in closet installations , while our doublesided doors are perfect for closing off galley kitchens and family rooms , or dividing open-plan commercial spaces to create meeting rooms . Hand-selected materials and unsurpassed hardware make our folding doors a beautiful investment for years to come .
• Hotels
• Conference centers
• Meeting spaces
• Religious facilities
If there ’ s a place you especially want durability , low maintenance , and customizable size and color — it ’ s hospitality installations . Flaunt your brand or brand colors with custom prints , color-matched paints and stains , colorful vinyls , or fine hardwood finishes . Our handcrafted doors envelope customers in a soothing retreat that buffers them from the bustle and noise of common areas .
Security and Retail
Funeral Homes and Chapels
Religious Facilities
• Multi-use areas
• Dorm closets and bathrooms
• Dining areas
• Kitchens / concessions
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