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Crafting Value For More Than 60 Years

The Woodfold story

Our work reflects the way we live
We work lean
We work clean
At Woodfold , we ’ ve embraced Lean Monitoring and minimizing our Manufacturing , making better use of impact on the environment has our space , precious raw materials , always been an important part of the and each person ’ s time . It ’ s a
Woodfold culture . One example is constant process of improvement our conversion to water-based paints that ensures consistent quality . and stains that don ’ t compromise
Today we have the flexibility in on quality . As an employee-owned our manufacturing processes company , we take great pride and to ensure the detail of hand personal ownership in protecting the finishing while maintaining the community in which we live . speed and flexibility of modern assembly and quality control .
We do the right thing
At Woodfold , we operate with the fundamental belief in doing the right thing , like using wood from sustainable forests in our products . As an employee-owned company , we strive to make a positive impact on our people , our community and the environment by increasing recycling , reducing waste , reducing our carbon footprint , and relentlessly reviewing how we can do better .

Create the space you need

From student housing and long-term care facilities to offices with break-out meeting rooms , we have the custom-built Accordion Doors to make the most of each space — reliably , beautifully , flexibly .

Accordion Doors

100 % designed , sourced and manufactured in the USA by owner employees .
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