UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 10, December 2013 | Page 9

Day Two – The Recovery The morning was spent examining ratio deco with “lectures” given by the students (i.e. us) and studying examples of dive planning. In the afternoon we began with the dives with a warm-up: one of us (me) decided to give up because of big problems with buoyancy and trim. My buddies succeeded in finishing the warm up and did the failure dive. This time things went much better and Andrea was quite happy with the change of mentality the team demonstrated: the job has been hard, but the result is satisfactory! In the evening, we had another video debriefing and two dives with Trimix 18/45 scheduled for the next day were planned. Day Three – The Importance of Being Fit The first planned dive was 25 minutes at 160’/48m, a technical depth we were all comfortable with. However Neptune decided to test our determination with a gift of 6’/2m waves between the harbour and Giannutri island, our dive site. We began our dive with great difficulties, and after 15 minutes – because one of us had an ear problem – we had to experiment an “on fly deco,” calculating a new deco time. Back on the surface, the waves and the current obliged us to wait almost an hour before we succeeded in getting on the boat, swimming in bad conditions. Now I know why the program involves a swimming test! Weather conditions made the second failure dive impossible, so we spent the afternoon talking about ratio deco and planning the experience dive for the final day. A dinner with wonderful fish compensated us for the days’ efforts. Day Four – A taste of Trimix 1 The planned dive was 25 minutes at 180’/54 m. The weather conditions were muc ?????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)Q?????????????A???L??????????????????????????????)???????????????Q????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????e????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????) ?????????)9????????????????????????????????????M???????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????()UQ?%????????Q?????????? ?????()$?????e????????'?e????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????%??????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????L??????L??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)Q?????????????????????????????????????A???9??????????A??????????????????]????????)??????????????????????????M?????????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????Q???????M??????9????????????M???????5???????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????((0