UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 10, December 2013 | Page 8

TRIMIX 1 COURSE REPORT ARGENTARIO, ITALY by Roberto Battisti If you want to drive a Ferrari, you should be an F1 pilot.” This is the refrain that our instructor, Andrea Cappa, repeated almost daily during this Trimix 1 course, meaning that at this level everything must be perfect. I’ll try to demonstrate, with the day-by-day report that follows, in what way that refrain revealed itself as a holy truth. Day 1 – The Punch After a morning spent illustrating the course guidelines and performing a dry run session about the exercises to be done in the afternoon, here we are ready to start the in-water part of the course. A warm-up with s-drill and valve drill with stages is not exactly a walk in a park, nor is the ascent from 30’/9m with 2 gas switches that followed. But all things considered, at this point things were not going so badly. The “punch” came only a few minutes later, during the so called “critical skills dive, also known as a simulated failure dive.” A number of problems of every kind cleverly created by the instructor caused us total confusion, which obliged Andrea to call the dive. I won’t describe the details of what happened: it’s enough to say that although frustrating for us it was necessary in order to understand our main mistake was to have faced the dive not as a team but as a group of “solo divers.” Then, an attempt at passing and handling multiple bottle produced anything but brilliant results, and the last two exercises had to be repeated the following day. The swimming test was the last gift of the day. And of course, the evening was spent in video debriefing.