UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 10, December 2013 | Page 10

UTD Co-Founder Jeff Seckendorf Runs for DEMA Board of Directors Training the Trainers The future of diving is in training – if we don’t make more divers, we will not have an industry. The classic dive shop model has become sell gear and give away training, i.e. the $99 open water class. With the logarithmic increase in internet sales, without a focus on training dive shops as we know them will disappear. This will fuel the continuing downward spiral that dive centers are facing. I believe it is DEMA’s responsibility to provide tools that dive centers can use to promote and market profitable training. Jeff Seckendorf The first step is for the industry as a whole to stop devaluing education. Training must be presented as the most valuable thing a dive center provides. The dive industry must stop giving away it’s most precious commodity. In every economy education prevails. In a weak economy people seek retraining and education to create additional income. In a strong economy people have the disposable income to participate in primary and advanced training. We must capitalize on training regardless of what the media tells us about our economy.