University Research Conference 2020 | Page 10

Charles Plitt Crime and the Education Factor The purpose of this project is to re-examine whether or not the level of education of a person possesses impacts how likely they will commit a crime. Past studies have found that as education increases, willingness to commit crime decreases. The results of the studies would add to public conversations about the benefits of increasing the education of the population and its impact on its crime rate. Charles Plitt The Real Cost of an iPhone While the cost of personal devices keeps on rising and hurting our wallet, do we know the real cost the phone has on society? This infographic public service announcement lists the components of the iPhone and countries that they are from, listing human rights violations that the company has been involved in. Evan Miller What Motivates Hackers to Commit Crime? Cyber crime has become the most dangerous crime to occur in the past decade. Millions of personal information and billions of dollars are at risk at all times. What motivates these individuals to hack into a database? A computer hacker could cause a catastrophe across the globe. But what makes them want to do such damage? Is there a reward? Do they feel a sense of pride when they steal millions of people’s personal information? The purpose of this study is to examine why hackers do what they do by surveying this community directly. Haylie Brass Concealed Carry on Campus With the legal age of carrying being 21 years or older, many college or university students legally have a license to carry concealed and legally own a handgun. The purpose this study is to determine if students had the right to carry concealed on campus, would they? Likewise, would fellow students feel safer if their classmates were allowed to carry on campus? Nicklas Mulvey Drugs in Sports This presentation will explore the use of drugs in sports between the years 2018 to 2020. Through use of a content analysis, articles published in American newspapers about professional athletes and steroids were coded to identify certain themes. 8