University Research Conference 2020 | Page 9

Criminal Justice N’kyah Newell The Correlations Between Postpartum Depression, Intimate Partner Violence, and Substance Abuse My hypothesis is that women who are going through postpartum depression are also suffering from Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), which produces a higher rate of alcohol and substance abuse. This study could potentially open an eye for different mothers undergoing postpartum depression and increase the help that is needed to steer away from substance and alcohol abuse while tackling IPV. Xavier Nies Human Trafficking by the Numbers My public service announcement will highlight the frequency and total numbers of persons who are victims of human trafficking. It will include information on punishment for committing human trafficking from a criminal justice perspective. Luke Xanthopoulos Attractiveness of E-Cigarettes Electronic cigarettes are devices that allow users to inhale nicotine in the form of different flavored juices. E-cigarettes are popular amongst the younger population, especially college students. The unique flavored juices, social acceptability, and perception as being less harmful than conventional cigarettes are reasons as to why e-cigarettes are popular. This study surveyed Gwynedd Mercy University students about their use of e-cigarettes. Alexis Gartner Prisoner Healthcare In the United States, those who are incarcerated have the right to healthcare under the 8th Amendment, protecting them from cruel and unusual punishment. Denying a person’s healthcare would be considered inhumane but through the prison system, a prisoner’s care is paid for by taxpayers. Therefore, the question asked of participants is what the public believes is a basic human right, versus what care a criminal should be receiving. Brian O’Driscoll Jr. Human Trafficking This poster is a public service announcement infographic that shows the course of events during human trafficking, where it happens, and what to look out for. Human trafficking has come to light in recent decades; however, this is still an epidemic at large, affecting millions across the world. 7