Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2017 | Page 9

ZOO NEWS Northern Cat Travels South Canada lynx Sitka arrived at the Louisville Zoo on April 18 from Erie Zoo. Sitka is 2 years old and was one of three when he was born. He’s currently on rotation in the Cats of the America area along with female Canada lynx Matilda. As the weather turns cooler, you may see the two cats on exhibit together in hopes that Sitka may eventually sire kittens of his own, as recommended by the Species Survival Plan. Have You “Herd” About Our New Zebra? The Louisville Zoo welcomed a new one-year-old female Hartmann’s mountain zebra to the herd on May 12. Azizi comes from Virginia Zoological Park where she was born. The young zebra just celebrated her first birthday on June 2, 2017. Azizi joins two female zebras Enid and Morena and male zebra Gibbs in regular rotation in the Zebra Exhibit near the African Outpost. An Addax Addition Along with our other additions, 4-year-old male addax Laird arrived at the Zoo on July 6 from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. You’ll notice Laird as he’s much bigger than our other addax — the biggest the Louisville Zoo has had in some time! Come see our big boy in the Africa zone across from the Butterflies n’ Blooms exhibit. bongo Our population of bongos increased this spring. Sungura (meaning "hare" in Swahili) was born on April 16, and Abigail was born on May 21. Sungura was born to mother Kaya and Abigail to Isabelle. Both calves were sired by father Watson. The breeding was a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP) which works to improve the genetic diversity of managed animal populations. The Height of a Socialite When giraffe Baridi arrived at the Louisville Zoo on June 23 from San Diego Safari Park, his friendly reputation preceded him. Baridi was born in December, 2015 and his name means "frost" in Swahili — but he’s anything but cold! You can visit Baridi on exhibit in the Africa zone with 20-year-old female Malaika. not-so spider house From Wings to Webs After the celebration of Flutter Fest on Sept. 23, the Butterflies n’ Blooms exhibit will go through a “metamorphosis” and transform into a 1,000 sq. ft. walkthrough spider house! Come view the intricate and beautiful webs these beneficial insects weave. Open daily during regular zoo hours and free with Zoo admission. Visit during the “World’s Largest Halloween Party!” presented by Meijer to experience a guided spider tour (only $1). More information on the Halloween Party on page 13. Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2017 • 9