Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) June 2018 | Page 26

DEVELOPMENT PAYING IT FORWARD By Kelly Grether, Director of Development Pause for a moment to think about a recent visit to the Louis- ville Zoo. When you were here, did you snap photos of your favorite animals or flowers? Did you capture the smiles of your children or grand- children while they were riding a camel, looking through the exhibit window at the polar bear or gorilla, or posing with their favorite sculp- ture at the Zoo? How does looking through these images or reminiscing on memories of your time at the Zoo make you feel? Did you laugh? Smile? Shed a tear or two of joy? Did you appreci- ate the time spent with loved ones? For nearly 50 years, the Louis- ville Zoo has been helping fami- families the opportunity to make lies make memories, working to lasting memories and escape from conserve species and providing the stresses and busyness of daily the best in animal care and life. The Zoo serves as an education. Throughout equalizer in the region the years, millions of offering every resident young children have "...the Zoo has and tourist, regard- walked the Zoo inspired thousands less of their back- as part of a field ground or ability, trip or family of people who have opportunity outing. These pursued careers in various the to observe and young guests sciences, animal care and appreciate ani- have engaged mals that many education, and millions with keepers, would never animals, and more who appreciate have the oppor- each other. As and show compassion tunity to see in a result, the the remnant wild. toward animals and Zoo has inspired Today, I ask that thousands of the environment." you reflect on all of people who have the smiles and enjoy- pursued careers in ment you and/or your various sciences, animal family have had at the Zoo over care and education, and millions the years and “pay your memory more who appreciate and show forward” by offering a donation to compassion toward animals and The Louisville Zoo Fund 2018. the environment. Gifts to The Louisville Zoo Fund In the age of distraction, the 2018 specifically support the daily Zoo continues to offer adults and 26 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2018 care of the 1,200 vulnerable, en- dangered and threatened animals entrusted to our care. Your gift will make sure the animal ambas- sadors that live here thrive, and that as many children and families as possible are introduced to these beauti- ful, special creatures so they can better appreciate the delicate balance in which we all live on our planet. If you have questions or would like more information about recurring gifts, need stock transfer instruc- tions, or would like to learn more about how to support the Zoo, please contact Kelly Grether at 502- 238-5615 or Kelly.Grether@Louis- To "pay your memory forward," visit