Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) June 2018 | Page 25

trashformation A Trash-to-Treasure Art Contest Powered by 2018 WINNERS Individual Awards Ada Kersting Grades 1 – 2 Olivia Shirk Grades 3 – 5 Kennedy Rulketter Grades 9 – 12 Group Awards Fireflies Friends School Pre-K – Grade 2 St. Michael 5MS Grades 3 – 5 Fernando Clements Grades 6 – 12 As always, we were astounded by the creativity of our area students in our sixth annual Trash- formation. Mayor Greg Fischer helped hand out awards to the talented students and then Louisville Orches- tra’s music director Teddy Abrams led students and the audience in a jam session with all the amazing instruments created from recycled materials. See the winners' creations and get inspired for next year at Trashformation. Easton Gentry Grades 6 – 12 Musical Instrument – Individual Ahmya Starks Pre-K – Grade 2 Brooklyn Keith Grades 3 – 5 Musical Instrument – Group Big Owls Southpark Tapp School Pre-K – Grade 2 3rd grade Team Hartstern Grades 3 – 5 Rhino Rhythm St. Michael Grades 6 – 12 In April, I helped the Zoo kick off an Earth Month celebration. It was an exciting day, and important for our city because one of our three guiding pillars as a city is to become a healthier community. That means physical, individual health, as well as environmental health. Those go hand in hand. Our city is working hard to care for the land, air and water that sustain our lives and the lives of every living creature who calls Earth home. That includes funding to plant more trees and the compassionate volunteerism efforts led by Brightside. • Make sure your trash is securely placed in the proper receptacle. • Recycle materials to save landfill space, energy and natural resources. Most litter is recyclable! • When you see litter, pick it up and throw it away — don’t just step over it. Set an example, encour- age your friends to do the same. • Carry a litterbag in your vehicle or bicycle. • Report a litterer to MetroCall 311. • Any group wanting to have a Neighborhood Cleanup can be provided gloves, trash bags and a limited quantity of tools at no cost. Be a Backyard Action Hero and set up a drive with children and parents in your neighborhood. We can all play a role in taking care of our city’s envi- ronment. Here are a few ways to get started: For more information, visit From Mayor Greg Fischer Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2018 • 25