Torch: U.S. LXXI Spring 2022 | Page 18




by Emma Canga

NJCL EDITOR 2021-2022

On February 3, 2022, for the first time since 2019, the NJCL Board and Committee met in person for the spring planning meeting at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The following day, we commenced a tour of campus promptly at 8:00 am. We began our journey at the Recreational Sports Center where the infamous Ludi games will be held this summer and then walked the route of the Toga Procession to Blackham, the soon-to-be iconic GA arena. Many of the officers were mesmerized by the building and its surrounding barns as we approached and learned that Blackham is frequently used to host rodeos! The Fargodome may meet its match this summer. As the surprisingly cold weather seeped into the arena, we headed out in search of the locations of Creative Arts, Graphic Arts, orientations, and more before returning to the Student Union. This summer we will be using shuttles to get around campus, including transportation to GA, so be prepared to meet new JCLers every time you hop around the campus! 

Before we began the formal meeting, we took a break to wander through the Student Union university store and stumbled upon a Starbucks! Yet, we were in for an even greater surprise when we walked outside. Right behind the student union, there is a swamp with four alligators in it. On behalf of all the NJCL officers and Committee members, please do not touch, feed, or do anything except look at the alligators. Unfortunately, after a two-day expedition, we did not catch sight of any alligators. 

As it was almost lunchtime, we ate lunch

in the university cafeteria before starting the meeting. There was a wide variety of both foods and beverages which include but are not limited to a waffle machine and a milk dispenser. We spotted an ice cream machine and hope to relive our Fargo reveries in Lafayette. Before returning to the meeting room, we visited the theater in which the decathlon will be held. While checking to see if there was enough space, our spectacular NJCL President Savvy Thompson, having been stuck in Houston due to weather, finally arrived! Still on their way, similarly due to weather, were Mr. Knowles, Ms. Luongo, and Mr. Turner.

After a wonderful dejeuner we sat down, started Zoom so that everyone at home could attend virtually, and got down to business. First, all the officers gave their officer reports describing what they have done since the Fall Planning Meeting and their aspirations for the rest of the term. Then the focus shifted to subcommittee reports from the Pre-campaigning Committee, the Convention Domi Committee, and the Fundraising Committee. In summary, the NJCL will be releasing a newly revised version of the pre-campaigning rules as displayed in the Campaign Corner, hosting a virtual option for Convention, and releasing merchandise in the near future. In the midst of these discussions we all gave a well-deserved welcome to Mr. Knowles, Ms. Luongo, and Mr. Turner! Having reached our hard stop of 5:00pm, we headed back to the hotel. The officers went out to eat poboys and gelato with Mr. Little, and later watched Olympic figure skating while working out in the fitness room. 

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