Torch: U.S. LXXI Spring 2022 | Page 19


The next morning, we received a wonderful tour of the Student Union viewing rooms for testing, colloquia, the dances, agora, and more. We then walked a block or two to look at potential dorms. From that dorm tour, it appears that the majority of attendees will be staying in suites with one bathroom for every room or so. There is a kitchen on each floor and a large space for hanging out (within COVID limits of course). 

Then we made our way back to the meeting room to finish off Spring Planning Meeting. We began by discussing changes to the Song and Creed and reviewing the schedule for the National Convention in detail. Additionally, we went through a student-submitted DEI document and Historian Irene Calderon’s health policy proposals. After several hours of continuous discussion, we broke for lunch. Mr. McGimsey brought a beautiful king’s cake for us to eat before we split into officer and committee discussion. I hid the plastic fêve,

Savvy cut the cake, and Nolan, being the youngest, distributed the pieces. The officers had left for our own meeting before the fêve was found, but later learned that Mr. Jackson found it!

After meeting separately as committee and officers, we regrouped to debrief, and said farewell to our Zoom friends at 5:00 pm. Later that evening, we all went out to dinner to celebrate our successful spring planning meeting. 

The officers missed Irene and Alex and kept Facetiming them!