Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 20 Nisan | April 2023 | Page 22

After having prayed , we enjoyed dinner at a local pizza joint and our discernment seemed to be more in tune with the area . Shortly after dinner , we ended up praying for two Jehovah ’ s Witnesses . This was noteworthy , in that their religious beliefs forbid them to receive prayer from anyone of another faith or religion . Needless to say , the Spirit opened their hearts to receive what we had to say , and how the Ruach was leading us . It was a great opportunity ; a divine encounter , which would not have been possible without cooperating with the Holy Spirit and recognizing His voice . But this was only the beginning of a weekend filled with blessing others with the love of the Messiah , and experiencing a profound move of God within our own hearts .
The following day we wandered into the Bonaventure Cemetery , one of the most well-known cemeteries in the state of Georgia . We noticed there were two entrances , one for Christians , and the other for Jews . We decided to enter through the Jewish side . As we drove on the gravel road , we spotted the many rocks placed on the tombs and headstones . Our hearts began to fill with sadness . How many of these Jewish families had relatives who endured the Holocaust ? How many of them knew Yeshua as their Mashiach before they died ? As tears formed in our eyes , we began to express to each other our sorrow and yearning to reach the Jewish people with the Besorah ( Good News ). It was a transformative moment that I am sure both of us will never forget .