Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 20 Nisan | April 2023 | Page 21

Kairos Moments in Savannah

Recently my wife and I made the short four-hour drive to Savannah , Georgia . We took a few days off for ourselves ( or so we thought ) to recharge and get away from everything . It turns out that Adonai had gone before us even in our plans to hide from everything and everyone .
Upon our arrival , we experienced a heightened sense of awareness of many unholy spirits . This is not uncommon for us .
When we as believers visit new places , we often encounter demonic oppressions or strongholds which we may not have experienced in our own cities or hometowns . The Adversary was nevertheless devising a plan to distract us from the Lord ’ s direction . This is why I say , “... or so we thought .” Even in our small trips or vacations , Yeshua goes before us , and prepares us to manifest His Kingdom , and we are His chosen vessels for that task .
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