Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Winter 2007 - Page 21

In Memoriam The following obituaries were received since the last issue of Postscripts. Obituaries that appear provide the essential information about the person’s last place of residence and the month of death. Also listed are surviving immediate family members who have an active alumni life. Memorial gifts are listed in the annual report. We make every effort to clip death notices that appear in local newspapers, but we do not always hear when alumni pass away in other states. This is where we rely on you—family and friends of Thornton alumni—to mail us obituaries. With your help, we can inform classmates in a timely manner. 1927 Dora Sherwood Houghton of Hillside, NJ, in August. Mother of Carol Deans Worrell ‘61. Sister of Ward Sherwood ‘43. Sister of Yvonne Garon Mitchell ‘44, Florence Garon Bouchard ‘45, Susanne Garon Horne ‘46, and Janet Garon Huot ‘48. George West of Wells in July. Brother of Margaret West Perkins ‘38, Ralph West ‘42, Gene West ‘45 and Neil West ‘46. Eric Elliott of Sanford in December. Brother of Jacqueline Elliott Dinsmore ‘50 and Hayden Elliott ‘52. Nancy Bouffard Nadeau ‘69, Rodney Bouffard ‘70, Kenneth Bouffard ‘72, Debra Bouffard Saucier ‘76, Tammy Bouffard Laflamme ‘79 and Michelle Bouffard Kimborowicz ‘81. 1928 Martha Smith Baldwin of Norwich, CT, in August. 1929 Pauline Staples Johnson of Cape Elizabeth in August. 1930 Ca