Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper | Page 13

page 8 Major Operators - All-out Acquisition or Laser Targeting? A s was seen in 2014, the majority of volume exists on brand searches and head terms. We can see that “World Cup Odds” has seen much more interest than “England Odds”. With that in mind , not all of the big players are showing on all these keywords. The competition on such a finite number of head terms is massive and the rise in click cost and other factors is enough for even some of the largest companies to think twice. We’re seeing a few companies repeatedly showing in the SERP, whereas some of the others seem to be taking more of a strategic approach. As we outline throughout this paper, PPC should be a highly strategic marketing channel, focused around profitable player acquisition and ROI. That means a lot of the clever people at major operators are opting not to get involved in a bitter battle to the death that wastes money through inflated bids. Click cost remains on the up in line with competition but while some of the biggest operators are slugging it out, some are being hardly shown. The PPC landscape - and your opportunity within it during major tournaments - comes down to the internal bidding strategies of some of the big names. The search engine results page snapshot above shows a mix of approaches on these head terms. Some of the main betting market players are being selective when it comes to copy, using generic messaging. In the case of Bet365 they appear to run with a similar message across most of their searches, suggesting they are perhaps focusing more on coverage; they likely have a large budget behind them for World Cup activity and have made the tournament a core strategic focus aimed at getting serious numbers of new players. Others like Coral and Ladbrokes are using more dynamic, tailored and time-sensitive ads and messaging more in line with what was seen in 2014. It’s clear from the ads that have been in rotation so far that some betting firms have taken a decision not to run AdWords campaigns at all, while others are only choosing to only spend on paid ads around the higher volume periods and on some of the lower volume keywords. World Cup PPC Strategies Blueclaw Report 2018