Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper | Page 14

page 9 Fandom Versus Offers and First-Time Players Versus Returning Players W e see two clear approaches - one is to ensure live odds are in the copy for the game of the day - and this is especially the case for England matches. ‘World Cup Bets’, PPC Bidding Platforms and Competitive Advantage T he search engine results page for the term ‘World Cup Bets’ tells a similar story to what we’ve already discussed: The other school of thought is focused on the offer, with Ladbrokes promoting the “Up to £50 Free Matched Bet” messaging. For some, focusing on appetite for information specific to the game is being used as a methodology to capture attention of the most attentive fans - from there the hope is to carry that fan through a landing page and signup process that emphasises that this operator is the right choice for fans of this particular team. The other approach is less about fandom, and more about providing a compelling offer that is hard to resist. This approach depends on an offer so good that even a novice in sports betting can understand how good it is, or an offer that is compelling to experienced betting fans. There are pluses and minuses either way as a completely new player and first time deposit could be a totally fresh source of ongoing revenue, but also might be a one-off customer. Attracting an experienced betting fan may mean attracting a bet from a returning customer which could mean they are more likely to return in future as they are interested in football betting in general, not just the bet. The potential risk is they are savvy customers who place a bet for a specific offer that they recognise as being good value, and then go back to their usual preferred betting brand after the tournament. World Cup PPC Strategies Again, Betway are going down the offer approach, emphasising what they hope will be an unmissable incentive to tempt in potential players. Focusing less on the offer and more on the interests of fans is Ladbrokes, who are putting Harry Kane front and centre to highlight specific odds for him scoring. Another heavy hitter, Bet365 again are pushing a generic message, potentially relying more on a brute force strategy of increasing brand visibility first and foremost, with less tailored messaging. Blueclaw Report 2018