Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper | Page 12

page 7 World Cup 2018 Live Ads, Snapshots and Analysis F or the UK market there is always a direct correlation between search volume and England games. As we can see below, the spikes in activity for 2018 occured on the opening day of the World Cup and then on the days England had a match. Beyond that, we know that England not playing sees a dip in volume. That is clear for 2018, with drops between England matches. So - if the public interest in World Cup betting is so closely tied to the fortunes of the national team, what does this mean for the strategies of operators and affiliates? This pattern directly mirrors what happened in 2014, with user interest and intent heavily centered around the national team. It’s a similar story across other nations, with peak interest and enthusiasm in the national team fuelling early player acquisition. The major fear for sportsbook companies with a core focus on the UK is England’s elimination. Their early exit in 2014 saw a sharp decline in searches that only picked up for the final. For betting operators and affiliates, it’s not just national pride that is behind support for national teams National Pride Versus Revenue T he trends pattern below illustrates the peak on the opening day of the World Cup. This is one of the most aggressive periods for sports- book betting companies. They know that if they get people in early they have a stronger chance of retaining them throughout the World Cup and beyond. With that in mind, the majority will likely weight a heavy amount of their budget into the days around the first game, hoping to capture a large share of traffic at a point where every team is still in the competition, and fan hopes are high. World Cup PPC Strategies - it’s appetite for potential to acquire players and deposits for the duration of the tournament. What we can assume with confidence is that the same will occur if and when England are knocked out - and either way, the final will see an obvious increase in activity. The main players are using their budget with this in mind, focusing around the days England play and will definitely be saving up some of their budget for a big push for the final. This approach has parallels with traditional PR but for superior link earning and brand awareness, the content marketing pillar of player acquisition is challenging – but vital. Blueclaw Report 2018