The Word of God in Romania 2015.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the s | Page 3

2015.12.25. I leave exhortation for faith to Your people as well, exhortation of love by faith, oh, Lord. The one who comes near to You to believe Your word and then if one like this denies himself after that, then this one denies the life buoy in the middle of the torrential waters and he is in the danger from the sin of striking back, which he may commit. The man is more comfortable with unbelief, Lord, and this is because man is sinful, and together with this he is also full of haughtiness before other people, but even before You when he tries to blame You striking back. According to my rank I was a bishop, like the other bishops at that time, but I did not love the empty glory, I did not receive glory from man; I could not endure this shame because I was crushed under the power of the humility of spirit, and that is why I was trying to be as humble as possible in speech and conduct. I had to make miracles through the word and deed; however, I did this not to be praised but rather for the man’s power of faith in You, and especially to put to shame the unfaithful ones who behaved very badly when they saw the power of the work of my faith before the aberration of their mind. I was ranked by the bishop, and they also, according to our ranks, but behold, our faith were different; it was only my faith and not theirs, for they were the sons of haughtiness and the sons of the empty glory, and I, on the contrary, was the faithful and humble servant before You, as my nature and love were. I am speaking to the people of Your word and I am teaching it like You, Lord; I am teaching it to love and I am exhorting it to learn what love is, for love has to be taught working at it and with it, and it has to be much advised and proved among brothers, because man has to take after God when he has the love as his work. Oh, sons of the Christ Word, learn to love. Do not be deceived that you have love or that you know how to love. Be humble instead, be humble and very much humble. Bow, because love bows and teaches all those who are faithful this lesson of today, and let them learn that love in man does not try, it does not try to blame anyone and anything. He who loves does not blame, and he who does not love, blames, oh, and then he falls, and by so doing he gives the proof of his lack of love towards his brothers. Oh, sons, I felt it fully the work of the lack of love among brothers, for my brother bishops at that time were standing before the Christian flock completely hypocrites in love, and they were like the word that goes: “Lions at home and lambs in the street,” but I put them to shame in my Father’s house, and I showed their hypocrisy to everyone because they did not love as those who were faithful, but rather they loved without fruit before God, for the sin of envy, and especially if this sin is being worked on the way of the church, this sin completely disowns the one who has it at work in his blood, for they have not learned what love is. Oh, sons, learn what love is. He who has love is the one who proves that he has got it in his entire work full of humility, endurance, dedication and life from God from one another among those who love. He who has love is the one who feels his sins more than the others and he sees himself as sinful, and he remains humble and with mercy upon him, and he who does not have love that one always sees the louse on the others while he neglects his own swollen mite, when deep down in his flesh it sucks his blood, and this because of his lack of honor and because of his lack love of brothers by which he is punished and which leads him to disbelieve and then to the loss of his mind. 3