The Word of God in Romania 2015.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the s | Page 2

2015.12.25. their Father, and the same thing say those who leave from near the sons of My kingdom, but behold, the work of the faith is another thing; it is that which keeps man near God, and those who deny do no longer have sense, since they have no longer fear of God, which is to stop them from those that are forbidden for God’s sons. Oh, faithful sons, the hierarch Spyridon and I are at the table with you, together with the host of the bishops from heaven, and he is part of them. I am with the faithful man, as he was on earth, for in his time there was no faith, and people were full of ranks with respect to the right faith in God but they did not work faith. Oh, sons, faith and love are not at anyone’s hand, well sons. Oh, always learn, and learn incessantly what love and its work are, lest it may come upon you unexpectedly the thought which may prompt you to deny faith, the fear of God, which keeps man to be faithful and good, for those who lose the fear of God, first lose their mind, and behold how they lost their faith and then in- dulged themselves in all kinds of pleasures to their addiction to the things on earth for the spirit of haughtiness, because those who denies his faith and good conduct helped by faith, those feed their mind with recklessness and then become like abortions, after they have fallen from their life with God, even if they lie to their mind as though they have the Lord as their God, just as Israel used to tell itself in the time of its denial of Me, too. Learn what love is and then keep its work, well sons. Love contents itself with what it has, and the one, who is content, has great riches. Who takes the right to be discontent, that one is the poorest among men and is full of the sin of haughtiness and of his chicks that are working in his mind and flesh; he who is discontent is poor. Oh, sons, behold what I am teaching you: Be never discontent, sons, for those who are discontent little by little lose their love and the steadfastness of their dwelling with Me and near Me, and then they try to blame Me. However, you should have one another as your wealth and possession from God, and you have to keep what you have so that no one may pull this gift away from you. Oh, what else has the one who gets lost from his brothers, from God’s property on earth? A man like that remains with the men’s sons, on whom he changes his brothers, and the men’s sons work only disappointment to each other, only love that does not remain but perishes like a phantom. I told those who loved Me, «remain in My love»; this is what I told them. Oh, remain with those who are faithful, I am also telling you sons, for those who are not faithful see and can do everything by the eyes and by the devils mind, and they choose likewise. Oh, sons, may the fatherly exhortation of the saint Spyridon remain with you and work it, well sons, for behold, I am putting him to speak now over My church of the new Jerusalem and he is to give advice to it, and let his word be set into My book of today. May your entrance into My book be blessed, faithful servant! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, set you to work. Amen. — And I am blessing You, Lord, too. I am blessing, by blessing the truth of Your word of today and leaving this proof on the table of Your people, which is Your house on earth, to You and to Your saints, with whom You are coming, as it is written for You to come. 2