The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.02 - The Word of God at the feast of the s | Page 2

2015.08.02. Sons, sons, again and again I am laying down a great word on this day, which has to be fulfilled with great obedience by all those who are My close people and by all the Christians who are coming to the spring with longing on the feasts at My calling, if they want to remain with Me on this way to its end. Oh, I want to speak to them about their meetings in My name, for this is something else than what the Christians seek, who meet here, and then they meet each other at their homes for themselves and not for God. Oh, the meeting is not done at their homes, but their meeting is to be done in My name in a churchly way, and if their meeting is something else, then this is not in My name, but it is only playfulness which becomes a greater sin than it, for I, the Lord, look and see this from heaven, and that is why I have My teaching come down and that is why I teach it, as it is not right for those who want to come and follow the Lord to deceive Him, and if this happens, then pains come out from it for Me, and they come out upon them too. When you deceive the Lord in some other time of yours, from other of your places, or in some other kind of your condition of the day, this is one thing, but when you deceive the Lord after you have gone with this word and to this place, this is more serious sin which the one who comes to an agreement with himself can do for his walking with Me and on the way of My word of today. Oh, who else can believe the one who deceives the Lord and seeks for himself then? How can the one, who strikes the Lord, have a clean heart any longer, walking away from Him after he has come to be with Him? Oh, son full of yourself, your ongoing obedience keeps you near God until the end, and if you come to be careless for obedience, then there comes a time when your disobedience asks for its fruit and draws you away from God’s presence, and then it takes you away with those who do not love the Lord, and you will not get away unless you pay the last penny for the reward of your disobedience, for this is how it is with those who deceive the Lord, and it cannot be otherwise, and behold, it is one thing not to obey when you are anywhere on earth far away from the Lord and from His place, and it is another thing not to obey Him here all the time, as I always search My people on the way with Me, as the shepherd searches his flock keeping it together and not scattered away when he grazes it, for behold, I am calling those who go astray from the flock and I am calling them in vain, for Lazarus came to life quicker from the tomb after four days than the one who dies even from My arm and does no longer wants Me to be with him, and it happens to that one as it did to the rich young man, who also tried to learn the way to eternity but could not do it, and then he came back to his own things and had part of great pains, as it is not possible for man to deceive God after he has found Him and not to have troubles after that. Oh, man cannot forsake the Lord but only by his lack of faith, only after he gets weak and becomes weak, as there is no weaker a man than the one without faith, and there is no stronger a man and working more miracles than the one who has strong faith, well sons. I am putting living and much food on the table with you so that those who are hungry may be able to find it and to grow in the wisdom of the faith, as there is great lack of strong Christians for the Lord and for His vineyard. Oh, sons, the Christian does not fall from My arm, but only after he leaves Me because of his lack of faith, after his faith grows less and less, and then he is easily possessed by the devil, and I, the Lord, have no way of helping him and I can no longer protect him, for the man’s lack of faith separates him from Me and he takes his life with his own hands, then he goes with it away from Me and he keeps on getting weaker and weaker. However, I remain with those who remain with Me near them, and I take care of them, and when they sleep and rest, I walk near them without covering Myself anymore, 2