The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.02 - The Word of God at the feast of the s | Page 3

2015.08.02. and I walk through the sheepfold, I walk through the citadel with the heavenly hosts, and we walk uncovered, and we search the citadel where God reigns and we keep on watching much because the wolf comes to the sheep when they rest; he comes to strike them, but My angels watch, and the wolf cannot prevail against the one who is Mine when My sheep sleep for I have taught those who are Mine to get up from their beds, to stay with Me in the middle of the night and to watch with Me for them, and the wolf sees this and plucks its hair because of sorrow, and happy is the servant who watches for it and for his Master, as the sleep does not make him hard and slow of waking up, but the faithful servant gets up instead and sings in the middle of the night, “Holy is the Lord,” and when the wolf hears it, he runs away, it runs away for the one who has zeal for his Lord. Oh, this is how the prophet Elijah was, and his prayer made the heaven and God come down over the earth, for this disciple had great zeal in his prayer, and he also suffered much for his Lord and because of the great departure from God of his people and of the rulers over the people, who were making idols and were giving priests to serve the idols, and great pain seized My prophet during those days, and he is the same today among My saints, for whoever has suffered for Me on the earth cannot be otherwise among those in heaven, and he lives his eternity for the Lord, too. Oh, great prophet, We are at the table of the holy teaching, We are putting from it on the table of My people and We are feeding with zeal the sons of My word of today, because you are full of word like your Lord since your zeal for Him is your work. I, the Lord, am blessing your entrance into the book of My word to live with Me before My people and that I may speak with you and both of Us to become an example of work. Oh, peace to you in your word! Amen. — Oh, peace to You, peace to You, Lord Jesus, as because of Your peace I was consumed by the flame of the zeal for You and I carried You inside of me with and without knowledge, and for more than two thousand years, I have been carrying You in my spirit and in my work, Son of the Father, as You have also kept me close within the things that are not seen of Your crea- tion, of Your Being, so well covered from the face of the people, like Your saints who spend with You and near You in heaven and on earth, and this is not seen by the man’s eyes, oh, it is not seen, Lord, and because of this separation we have great pain, as this is what man has wanted and worked between him and God and he has kept hiding from God and going far and far away with his obedience from the Lord until he has no longer had the Lord with him, and man started doing this even while he was in paradise, Lord. Oh, how great the paradise had to be, and how small the man has made it to be! Man has no longer had any paradise if he had no longer loved it, Lord! Man has remained without rest, and still he had no longer loved the paradise to bring it back again over his troubled life, for he who forsakes the Lord commits hidden works and hides with them, and man does no longer have a paradise because of this, as because of his hiding in him man lost the paradise, and he keeps on losing it, poor of him. Oh, man hides in himself with his ugly things, for if they were beautiful, man would not hide with them and would shine with them outside of him instead, Lord. Oh, man likes to reign himself, and not You, Lord, and I was crushed with mourning on earth under those who reigned upon people as kings, as king Ahab was who worshipped his idolatrous woman, with whom he turned away the people of Israel from worshipping One God in order to worship the creatures. I caught fire and pain, zeal with fire in it, and I took with me Your power and dominion and I started to make miracles to scare with them the lawless ones. 3