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world is dealing with the Ukraine situation and the rising cost of oil-related products . Today is March 8th and I ’ m still here in Florida acting like a snowbird .
Unfortunately , I have bad news to start this issue . Last week I received a call from Gene Moudy 5W6 . Gene lives in Tennessee and noticed an obit about the passing of George Keller in a local paper . My last contact with George was maybe five or six years ago on the Internet when his emails ended . He passed away on Feb . 24 , in Cumberland Gap , Tenn ., after a valiant battle with cancer . He had accepted Jesus Christ in his early 30s and soon became a missionary . He spent seven years with his family as a missionary in the Philippines . His life ’ s work included preaching Bible in public schools and as a pastor in churches in Florida and Tennessee . He really enjoyed being outdoors fishing , hunting , and searching for arrowheads with his loyal dogs , all of which are reflected in his cherished artwork . He also enjoyed playing his guitar and singing with family around many campfires over the years . George is survived by his wife Leona and his children Vicki ( Don ) Toensfeldt , Kim ( Don ) Tyson , Judith ( Orban ) Amix , and David ( Tori ) Keller . Also surviving are 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren .
Some things I remember about George ... he received the “ Top Painter and Decorator Award ” at graduation . In the summer of 1954 , we worked together with Al Grover and Joe Wilgus for two men from the 4W8 class . ( Al Dungan and Ken Ambler ). Later that year , George left to start his own painting company and Joe joined the U . S . Airforce .
I put out some emails looking for news , but the response is sparse . I ’ m here in Florida acting like a snowbird since my daughter and her family have moved here three years ago . I ’ ve been in contact with Bob Mench who now is a real snowbird as he bought a home in Venice last year . We ’ ve spent some sunny days recalling the old days at WTS . Bob is quite fortunate with good health and so , can do almost anything he wants . He ’ s doing some remodeling on his Florida house and me ... I ’ m sitting in the sun . He is a pilot with his own plane . That ’ s a hobby that came late in life for him . The plane is in Delaware , not here in Florida .
While hanging out with Bob , I suggested we try and visit Clayton Fell here in Florida . I had two phone numbers and an email address for him , but all efforts were a dead end . So , how about a call from Clay to Ron , huh ???
For many years , we ’ ve had April luncheons at school . Because of the continuing COVID restrictions we are skipping the April date . There is a plan to return to Shady Maple on Oct . 11 , 2022 at noon . The last lunch was well attended by the Class of 6W5 . Their class rep ., Dick Dunlap , has agreed to
share the effort to get as many folks out as possible . You can look for info on this in the next issue or by phone , email , or postcards .
I know all of us old men have medical issues . I talked to Jack Feathers last week . He sounds good but is recovering from a recent stroke . Don Kemper is in a nursing home . Herm Marks and me complain of weak knees and leg troubles . Dave Schrenk has a heart problem he ’ s coping with . I ’ m pretty sure we all are aching as we look ahead to that crazy number 90 ... UGH !
As I often do , I ’ ll close with two quotes that I like .
1 . Life isn ’ t about finding yourself , life is about creating yourself . -George B . Shaw
2 . Success is not final , failure is not fatal , it is the courage to continue that counts . -Winston S . Churchill
Till the next issue , Rep Ron

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Jaye Koppenhaver 240 Woodgrove Dr . Athens , GA 30605-7508 727-534-8960 jleobird @ gmail . com
Well , fellows , here it is February 2022 , not much to report . Jerry and I have called a few classmates and the only news that is what we would expect , health issues . Last Williamsonian issue , spring issue , we had 18 alive . The number has dropped to 17 with Claire Bressler ’ s death .
We have feedback from Don Buchanan , Ron Evans , James Kirk , Jerry Watson , and myself .
Ron Evans and James Kirk both replied to say everything was going along well , as expected .
Don Buchanan has moved into a cottage on the grounds of a Memory care Facility where his wife is residing . He said things are going well .
Jaye Koppenhaver has moved into a townhouse since the death of his wife , Mary Ann , Nov . 24 2021 . Above is my new address .
Jerry Watson has moved into a 55-years or older facility . He is in the process of closing down and selling his house .
In the last report I talked about is having a 1955 class reunion . We didn ’ t have any interest , but I keep it on the report “ just because .”
We would like you to keep in touch with us . You can talk to us , send us a message to me or Jerry by phone ( talking or texting ), email , or USPS mail . All methods are OK for both of us .

W 56

Jack Perkins 18 Harvard Road Plymouth Mtg ., PA 19462 610-279-4606 Jkbvperkins @ comcast . net
Hope everyone had a wonderful time

’ 54 Class Holds Biannual Get-Together

The Class of 5W4 , under the direction of Ron Richardson , held their annual luncheon at the Shady Maple Buffet in East Earl , Pa ., in the fall . In addition to 5W4 , other classes represented were 4W9 , 5W3 , 5W6 , 6W2 , and 6W5 . The group heard welcoming words from Richardson and President Michael Rounds gave an update on the latest at Williamson . Before closing for the afternoon , Ron passed the baton of hosting the event to a partnership with Dick Dunlap 6W5 . The Class of 6W5 was well represented and it is hoped in the future to see participation from other classes from the late ’ 60s and early ’ 70s .
celebrating the Christmas holiday and have remained healthy thus far .
In mid-fall of last year , I received an unexpected phone call from Elmer Shick ’ s son Bill , who told me that as project manager for W . S . Cumby Construction Co ., he had been assigned the task of seeing to the overall construction of the new student center and new Strine dormitory on Williamson ’ s campus . I ’ m sure if Elmer were here , he would have been very pleased knowing a good man ( who had been trained in carpentry ) had been placed in charge of overseeing the construction of both sites .
A few weeks later at Bills ’ invitation , I met with him at school where he guided me around to see first-hand how the projects were progressing . While visiting , I also had the opportunity to meet with both project supervisors , Mike Bonacci a 1998 W . T . S . graduate who would be overseeing the student center construction , and Dave Lucey a 2007 W . T . S graduate whose task it is to oversee the construction of the Strine dormitory .
Unfortunately , all news is not good news and I ’ m sorry to report on Oct . 21 , 2021 , Wayne Thompson passed away after a lingering illness . Wayne , as some of you know , hailed from Tower City , Pa ., the hometown of several other W . T . S . graduates . Following graduation , Wayne worked in the construction business and for over 30 years managed his own construction company . Following retirement , Wayne and his wife Jean moved to the mountainous region of Hillsgrove , Pa ., a not-too distant location from the cabin where Beverly and I have had a vacation home for many years . Wayne ’ s wife Jean plans to move to Lancaster County , Pa ., where she can be closer to her family members . Please remember to keep Jean in your prayers .
Once again the Class of 5W4 graduates
held their semi-annual luncheon at the Shady Maple Restaurant in Lancaster , Pa . Homer Brown was the only representative from the Class of 5W6 to attend the luncheon . On the plus side , Homer had the pleasure of being seated next to President Rounds where there was certain to have been some interesting conversation that had taken place .
Remember to keep in touch ! I ’ ll be waiting to hear from you !!

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Edward A . Miller 12449 SE 173rd LN Summerfield , FL 34491 ( 352 ) 653-3340 otmiller1 @ comcast . net
I hope this finds that everyone has recovered from the holidays successfully and are looking forward to the coming spring and summer .
Had a note from Carl Lingertot . He and Shirley are still enjoying their stay in Sun City , Fla . Carl had a setback from his knee surgery recovery , but says things are slowly getting better . Hopes to be playing golf again in six weeks . It seems that he has been successful in stock trading over the last 1.5 years . Looks like he may be partly responsible for the rise in the Dow Industrials !
Joe Updegrove says he is still having back issues . Lane has been a fantastic helpmate for him ; she also has some of those “ senior ” aches and pains . Joe also called some of our classmates for news . Bill Warner has been having some heart issues along with possible Parkinson ’ s . The doctors can ’ t seem to agree on the diagnosis . Nancy makes sure he takes his meds and tries to make him behave ( lots of luck with that ).
Ross Tripp was to have knee surgery but found out he had a heart arrythmia