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during a pre-surgery checkup . Ross spent three days in the hospital clearing up the problem . Knee surgery to come later .
John Koons says he is in good health and has no problems that he knows of . They shared some old stories about Willy Tech days .
Larry Tschopp is doing well health wise . He is busy building model trains and bridges . He won first prize for a bridge he built in a contest in South Carolina . Congratulations !
Woody Shade is also doing well health wise . He says his son insists that he stay off ladders . Must be a good story behind this .
Talked to Sandy Mellor the other day . He and Hanne are doing good health wise and enjoying their life at the Masonic Home . He is ready to get out and play some golf as soon as the weather warms up . Sandy talked with Musty Machamer the other day . Musty is still living in the big house and says his children are taking good care of him . Sandy also talked with Bert Miller . He and Marie are doing fine in Tamaqua . Nothing new to report .
Pat and I are doing fine here in “ sunny ” Florida . We are enjoying the nice weather . I am playing “ at ” the game of golf three days a week . We are taking some day bus trips to different parts of the state . We are looking forward to visiting Pennsylvania again the first two weeks of July and seeing family and WTS classmates .
Speaking of WTS classmates , this year we are celebrating our 65th reunion . It would be nice if we could get together some time around July 4th for a luncheon at Shady Maple . Either the week before or week after the 4th . If you are interested , let Sandy know which day of the week before or after the 4th would be best ( 717-361-5083 or mellorearl @ gmail . com ). Just a thought . Normally , 5-year reunions are celebrated during the Alumni Weekend period . Because of the distance , we do not attend the alumni celebration and our annual trip north .
That ’ s it for this issue . Stay healthy and safe .
Ed 5W7 Miller

W 60

Edward P . Hatchigian 1615 Shoemaker Dr . New Oxford , Pa . 17350 edleahhatch @ verizon . net 717-624-5506 Cell : 610-864-8541
Greetings , fellow indentured servants ,
Finally , a beautiful spring day . Hopefully the COVID restrictions are behind us . I understand Williamson has opened its doors again to visitors and alumni . It ’ s nice to know we are all welcome again . Give credit to the school for following the CDC rules and keeping the faculty , staff , and students protected
and healthy .
As usual , I asked each of you for news . Thankfully three classmates responded . First my neighbor Bob Berwager said , both he and Mary Ellen are doing well . They indicated they are looking forward to Alumni Day and the banquet in order to see and visit with classmates . Bob is very active as he walks three to five miles daily around our campus .
Next email was from Andy and Barb Keller . Andy wrote the following . Barb and I are doing very well considering our age . Both of us have some daily aches and pains , but the daily pills keep us going . Our grandson graduates from high school and granddaughter from college this year . Our grandson will be enlisting into the Air Force and our granddaughter into the workforce . Our son is now a Navy captain of the USS Miguel Keith ESB-5 . The ship is currently in the Pacific Ocean . I ’ m still very active in the Masons and the Shiners . That ’ s about all for now .
A short but faithful email from John and Veronica Hackett . We are both well and will be heading to the UK after two years to catch up with our family over there . When we return it ’ s catch-up time with family here . Should be a busy summer .
I thank you all for taking the time to keep in touch with our classmates . In order to provide our class with news , I need to hear from each of you . Reaching back a few months I got an email from John “ Chet ” Allen . Always good to hear from the Allens . As I mentioned Chet , I can ’ t help not thinking of his roommate George Barnes . I do keep in touch with Mrs . Barnes and recently shared a brief email with her . As you all know all the widows of our classmates are considered still part of our class . They are always invited and included in all our mailings and reunions .
Around Christmas time Bill and Barb Smith made their yearly visit back to Hanover while visiting family . Leah and I and Bob and Mary Ellen Berwager managed to have breakfast with the Smiths . Always great to see the Smiths again . Hoping to see you both on Alumni Day .
I also recall from a few months back a call from Jim Evans . Jim as you , may recall is a survivor of a lung transplant . Jim reports he is doing very well now . We are all very happy for you , Jim .
I ’ m not sure if I previously mentioned this or not . If I did , please excuse me for being forgetful . Some of you will recall one of our freshman , Ronnie Albright . Well , he lives here in the Hanover area , too . He is the owner of four concrete plants and has some 62 concrete trucks making deliveries . Mostly retired his son runs the operation now . Ron and I shared breakfast together and laughed about old times at school . Ronnie was in Brick Shop with me so I knew him quite well . Also , Ronnie had a ' 50 Ford he often lent to me on senior late leave nights . I spent a few weekends with
him at his parents ’ home in Hanover during my senior year . We had a lot of double dating fun together . I recall one weekend we got snowed in and didn ’ t get back to school till Monday . I look forward to seeing him again . A real fun guy .
As for Leah and I we are continuing to enjoy our new life and surroundings at Cross Keys Village . We have been here now for over two years and feel we have adapted to life here . Both Leah and I have many new friends here . Our granddaughter will be graduating this May from Baylor University in Waco , Texas . We enjoy our two wonderful grandsons , too , both busy with work . Leah enjoys hosting them when they visit us . We are fortunate our daughter Dawn lives reasonably close so we get to see her often .
I want to recall an old story . Let ’ s see who remembers this incident from our school days ? If you recall , we only had one pay phone on campus . Do you recall where it was located ? Well , it was isolated under the steps in the basement of the Main Building . If you recall back then , phone calls were only a nickel . Well , someone from the Machine Shop devised a metal tool which when applied in contact with the two wires connected to the phone , it produced a dial tone . Of course , for all of us poor boys that was a gold mine . So , over the next month hundreds of calls were being made and no coins were deposited . A little WTS ingenuity goes a long way . Well , of course nothing lasts forever . At the end of the month , the Bell Telephone serviceman came to the phone to collect all the nickels . Well , much to his chagrin he opens the coin box and there are two nickels in the box . So , he went up to the office and sought out Mr . Boyd . The service guy says , hundreds of calls including many to Western , Pennsylvania were recorded by this phone and only two nickels were deposited . Mr . Boyd said , we ' ll take the phone out . Of course , he did , and for several months we did without our only phone . Later a phone was replaced and was located on the hall wall outside the O . D .’ s office . I just can ’ t imagine any of us making those free calls , can you ?
I want to remind you all , Alumni Day is on Saturday , June 4th . The Alumni Banquet follows that evening . At the banquet , Bob Berwager will be receiving the Alumni Association ' s Distinguished Alumnus Award . Bob is very deserving of this coveted award . I ’ m personally hopeful many of you will attend the banquet and support the honor Bob is receiving . With Bob , our class now has four classmates who are past recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus Award . They are Andy Keller , Gerald Friday , and myself . I ’ m personally very proud of the representation from our class . Please try to join us at the Alumni Banquet .
As know , due to COVID we had to cancel our class reunion two times . At
this point , I believe we will try for a 65th class reunion celebration . However , we still have the capability to meet and enjoy Alumni Days and the Alumni Banquet . Please continue to keep in touch . Your news is important to our classmates . I look forward to seeing many of you on Alumni Day and the banquet . Please continue to be well and enjoy your families and happiness .
As always , your friend and classmate , Ed Hatchigian

W 61

Frank “ Skip ” Cross 1234 N . Middletown Road Glen Mills , PA 19342-9661 610-459-1964 ( home ) 302-562-6883 ( cell )
Hi guys ,
After a long , valiant fight the 6W1 class has lost our buddy and classmate Joe Haggerty . Joe passed away on Dec . 20 , 2021 . He continued to exhibit his unpredictable sense of humor all the way to the end . He owned and operated Haggerty Construction during most of his life . He is survived by his wife , Lynne , three children , and one sister .
As of this writing Dave Miller is packing to go to Florida for a couple weeks . One stop is near the Villages where Dave and his two brothers will play golf and luxuriate for a week . He will then start the trip north to Jacksonville for a visit with his son and then home .
John Korab is ready to go back on the road . After concentrating on destinations around the world , he is now going to visit places on his list that are in the United States . He has been planning to do this for quite awhile . One site is Los Alamos , New Mexico . This is near where the first atom bomb was assembled and detonated in 1945 . Another site to be visited is the Four Corners Monument where a person can have hands and feet in four states at the same time - Arizona , New Mexico , Colorado , and Utah . More to come in a future edition .
Paul Bennett checked in recently . He is living in his old home town , Tyrone , Pa . After graduation , Paul worked for IBM until he retired . After retirement , IBM contacted him and asked if he would be available to run a special project . It would entail training field crews to install IBM equipment in post offices . The state of the art equipment would handle mail by sorting it and sending it in the right direction . He took on the project and ran it until it took up too much of his time . After that , he worked for awhile for Berkau Construction until he decided to move back to Tyrone . He is happy there except for the deer wasting disease affected his hunting . He now has a place to hunt with some old buddies in Salem , N . J .
Ed Sebring continues to spend the summers in Chatam , Mass ( Cape Cod ).