The OJCL Torch Fall 2015 | Page 10

Fall 2015 Turpin Latin Club Service By Joshua Bazzoli, Turpin What does an organic gardening festival, a downtown Cincinnati food bank, and a charity walk all have in common? They have all been served at one point or another by the members of the Turpin Latin Club. As with any chapter of the JCL, Turpin High School’s Latin Club has a proud tradition of volunteer work and service. Last year, under the leadership of Service Consul Emily Brown, the Turpin Latin Club lived up to its previous reputation in service expanding to many opportunities to assist the local community. Through one of Consul Brown’s contacts, she had learned of a downtown orphanage that was under construction, and she pledged that Turpin’s Latin Club would help paint its interior. So began the Turpin Latin Club’s service last year. After that, there was no let up. In October we participated in a charity walk that served to raise awareness of mental illness and prevent suicide. Later in the month we’d collaborate with other OJCL chapters in the SW region’s Make a Difference Day event. By November we had returned to a downtown Cincinnati food bank to distribute Thanksgiving meals to the poor. Throughout the Winter, we held to the OJCL’s involvement with Project Linus by creating blankets for children in the hospital. We ended the winter by traveling all the way to Columbus on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to attend a statewide gathering devoted to Project Linus. During this time, Turpin Latin Club was also working on increasing its ties with Turpin’s Theatre Department through volunteer work. Several club members helped staff the department’s undermanned build crew while others worked events as ushers and box office workers. This was an excellent year of volunteering for the Turpin Latin Club. We returned to nearly all of the projects we had attended to in past years, while also branching out to experiment in new forms of service in order to extend the friendly hand of the JCL in any way possible. Additionally, it wasn’t only the communities we served that reaped the benefits of our volunteer work. The service projects had just as much of an impact on us as we had on them. Through service, the members of our club have undoubtedly grown, both as people and as an organization. I look forward to future service projects with my fellow club members and friends. PML J OJ HP O ODA MAANOKMA KK JG Interested in Running for OJCL Office? By Brian Johnson, OJCL Parliamentarian, Shaker Heights Salvete OJCL! This is your Parliamentarian, Brian Johnson, here with a message about running for OJCL Executive Board. Serving on the OJCL Executive Board is both an amazing and a rewarding experience. It gives one the opportunity to develop leadership skills, to run the Ohio Junior Classical League, and to create strong friendships with Latin students across the state. Despite being intimidating, running for office can also be a fun experience! Additionally, if you’re from a smaller school, being a member of the executive board can give your school a greater say in the OJCL! constitutions and elections. There is something for almost everyone to be interested in. BUT, if you aren’t sure on what to run for, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d be more than happy to work with you this year to help you decide on what position would work best for you! And for those of you that already have an idea, please contact me, so that I can help you prepare! Campaigning may seem like an overwhelming task, but I would love to work with you! Do not pass up the chance to be involved in such an amazing organization! Pax, Brian Johnson, OJCL Parliamentarian There are many different positions to run for, covering everything from service projects, to publicity, to Email: [email protected] X