The OJCL Torch Fall 2015 | Page 9

Fall 2015 2015 NJCL Ludi Recap By Tim Goldenberg, University of Cincinnati As each National Convention rolls around, scores of competitive JCLers swarm to various categories of competition, desperate to win the elusive purple ribbon inscribed with the “1st Place” of the NJCL Convention. This year was no different, with Ohioans killing it at Graphic Arts, Creative Arts, Certamen, and the Dances. However, there was one competition more integral to our egos than any other: Ludi. This year, Ohio demonstrated exactly why it is the new Ludi power, claiming two titles to perennial favorite, Wisconsin’s one. Before we go into further analysis, those Ludi categories were the following: 1st Place in Soccer and Chess, 2nd Place in Basketball. D MH A ,R CDO CK JC PL BKM MA KPJ J P NGAO HH Ludi Basketball came in with high spirits, knowing they had the team they needed to take it all the way. Big man Charlie Dwight led the team with help from Will Beatrez, Jesse Campbell, and others. Although falling short of the goal, a title-winning season, the Ohioans gave it their all and by some reports, only ended up losing due to a defector from Ohio materializing on the 1st Place Virginia team. In Ludi Chess, the grudge match between Ohio’s Tim Goldenberg and Wisconsin’s Shiva Suri continued. Tim, a 2time Title Holder, had lost it in 2014 to Shiva and was back to claim it for the state that deserved it most. Claim it he did, though ultimately through a 5-way tie for first that was cast so that many of the Ludi Chess players could make it to the most important Ludi event of them all: Soccer. Ohio’s Ludi Soccer this year talked a big game on its way to the National Title, scouting players, hiring an internationally known manager, coordinating team uniforms, and giving life and (literally) limb for the cause. DAK KMA DA ACAJ 2JKRHAN M H JC J P K AM Manager Tim Goldenberg, in his post-match press conference, praised players such as Theodore “The Legend” Knowles, Soren “Rock” Gran, and Frank “Jos