The OJCL Torch Fall 2015 | Page 6

Fall 2015 A JCL Guide to PR By Allison Kao, OJCL 1st Vice President, Shaker Heights D GAM A CDON NOP AJON O O KJ HN J In my years as a club member and officer, I’ve found that one of the most challenging aspects of running a local JCL chapter is publicity. Good publicity, however, whether it be to enhance the club’s reputation in the school or to expand existing membership, is the foundation of a successful, long-lasting club. Here’s a short guide of the who’s, what’s, and how’s of club publicity from the beginning of the school year to the end! Starting Off on a High Note • Hold a booth at your school’s activity fair or a table in the cafeteria. Provide flyers with information for the first meeting and sample Latin Club activities. Get a membership list going and obtain the names and emails of all prospective members – communication is key. At the booth, you may also want to provide supplementary materials, such as trophies, a club scrapbook, and a running slideshow of event pictures. To attract more students to your booth, food, specifically candy or cookies, can never hurt! • Give several reminders about the club’s meetings, especially during the first month of schools. Try to diversify the methods of promotion. Examples include putting up posters around the school (especially on the stairs and near water fountains), making announcements on the school PA system, sending emails to the membership list, hanging large banners near the school entrance, and advertising by word of mouth in Latin class. Maintaining Membership • A Welcoming Club Atmosphere. I cannot stress enough the importance of club culture in gaining active and enthusiastic members. Reach out to the new freshmen and encourage them to participate in club events! • Weekly Reminders. With academics, extracurricular activities, and who-knows-what, all of us are prone to forget something along the way. Send weekly updates and announcements through email and social media about club meetings and upcoming important dates. Ideas for Publicity in the School • Organize a Spirit Day! Garner all of your fellow JCLers and set a day to wear your JCL apparel to school. • Put together a school display case. This could include awards, club pictures, graphic arts projects, and other club artifacts. It’s a fantastic way to showcase club achievements and honors to students, parents, and school staff! • Don’t hide your club’s accomplishments. Announce club news on the school website, on the PA system, and in the school newsletter. D GAM A CDON O J HP I G JC M N BKM NKH AMN BOAM LP H T JC ODA HP S RA M JC O J HP LL MAH OK N DKKH Ideas for Publicity in the Community • Contact local media sources. Suggest story ideas (e.g., a recent service event or an announcement of honors and awards) to local newspapers and city website coordinators. This is geared more toward small communities rather than large cities, but it never hurts to try! • Have your club take part in a local 5k walk/run fundraiser. This was a neat idea I discovered from a winner of this past year’s NJCL Club of the Month Contest. To add a publicity spin to the service project, carry a large banner advertising your Latin club and wear togas or club apparel while you walk. VI