The OJCL Torch Fall 2015 | Page 5

Fall 2015 Nationals TBT By Kelly Thaxton, OJCL Treasurer, Westlake Temptavisti et Vicisti! If you weren’t at National Convention this year, you may not have heard about the incredible achievement of Ohio winning third place in the spirit competition! This achievement is something Ohio should be so proud of, and it shows how close we’ve grown as a delegation. It was a pleasure cheering with you guys and showing Texas how it’s done! I’d like to thank you all for going along with the spirit packages and cheering! In honor of Ohio’s amazing job with spirit this year, here’s a countdown of the top 5 memorable moments that showed Ohio’s spirit! 1. The birth of Oiho The moment the tall squad held up the giant “O-H-I-O” in the wrong direction, a trend was born. Oiho became a very popular name among National convention! Will it come to states too? MKI ABO 1KND KPJC ,PNO J )MCK M M I PJ M M F J J I .KH AJ AMC LH S JC BKKN HH J ODA D K KKI 4. The Ping Pong tournament Ping pong became a serious game in the Ohio world, and the tournament got intense. It even became a spirit cheer where we just repeated “PING PONG!” Who knows… maybe we’ll see some more ping pong at State Convention? 5. Cargo pants? In honor of some well-dressed members of Ohio, for roll call we got to see our President, Lindsey Dierig, and our 2nd Vice President, Sara Zanvakili, rap about cargo pants! “When you see them khaki’s in your face, you get sprung!” Good job, guys! D K AHAC O KJ DAAM JC O O KJ HN 2. M