The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 | Page 16

Since they are from a broken family , they may grow up without having the support and attention they need from their parents .
In contrast to the tight-knit family structure of people from oriental countries , families in the West tend to lead lives with fewer emotions involved . People are economical with the display of their emotions to each other ; therefore , emotional bonds are less likely to develop between human beings .
So people of Irish , English , Australian , Canadian or American nationalities whose home lives are lacking , are soft targets for potential radicalisation . These people might interact with radical Islamists - the Wahhabis - in their schools , colleges or workplaces . The recruiters cleverly earn the trust of these vulnerable people by making themselves appear very humble and by offering them any financial or moral support they need . Such people will be overwhelmed by these apparently selfless acts of kindness ; they are literally sold to them .
On the other hand , the message of Wahhabism also resonates with people who are prone to a superiority complex since this ideology teaches that its followers are the best and those who do not practise
Wahhabism are lesser beings .
After recruiters have earned trust and interest of these people , they paint a diabolical image of Islam where every word uttered by the Prophet Mohammad or mentioned in the Koran is adulterated and opinionated to fit the Wahhabi agenda .
HH Younus AlGohar notes , ‘ Through psychological manipulation , they attack the minds of people . They look for a soft corner .’
They tap into their lustful desires by saying things like , ‘ The sisters , daughters and wives of infidels you kill will become your sex slaves . Join us and become part of this great brotherhood . You will be loved and respected .’
It is not just white and black converts that the terrorists target . Another vulnerable group is the young generation of Muslims living in the West , whose parents originate from countries in South Asia and the Middle East .
Young Muslims in the West often suffer from an identity crisis of sorts , due to the clash in cultures between what they see inside and outside their homes . They are susceptible , therefore , to being exploited by extremists , who take advantage of their confusion to turn them against their country . They often show the young Muslims the poverty level of different Muslim-majority countries ; then , to implant the seed of hatred in their hearts , they say , ‘ The West is living in luxury while these Muslim countries suffer . USA , UK , Canada , etc . stole this wealth from the Muslim countries .’
This , of course , conveniently excludes the filthy rich gulf states of UAE , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , etc . where non-Muslims are not welcome to preach their religions or build their respective worship places - in sharp contrast to the customs of Prophet Mohammad
[ ASHTINAME OF MUHAMMAD ]. The gulf countries who tout themselves as champions of Islam , incidentally , have not been known for their generosity towards the impoverished Muslim nations ; to date Saudi Arabia has yet to accept a single Syrian refugee .


Suicide , in all its shapes and forms , is strictly forbidden in Islam .
Muslims are only allowed to fight in self-defense . The Muslim armies are not allowed to initiate any war against enemies .