The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 | Page 17

WHAT IS WAHHABISM? Wahhabism is the ideology behind Islamist terrorism that we see today; it is the cult of hate that is practised by terrorist organisations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. It appears to be a conservative interpretation of Islam, however, it rejects the core commandments of the Prophet Mohammad. Deobandism and Salafism differ slightly from the Wahhabism practised in Saudi Arabia, but they are almost exactly the same in beliefs. Wahhabism teaches that all non-Wahhabis are infidels who must be killed, the women among them can be made into sex slaves and their properties can be confiscated [AL RED FLAGS SUWAIQ AL ILAHIYA FIL RAD ALAL WAHABIYA BY SHEIKH SULAIMAN BIN ABD AL-WAHABI TAMIMI] . Saudi Arabia funds the propagation of Wahhabism and the terrorist organisations who put this doctrine of hatred into practice. Learn more about Wahhabism on: against-wahhabism/an-introduction-to- wahhabism/ FOR RELIGIOUS MANIPULATION FLAG FLAG FLAG FLAG FLAG DEMANDS FOR OBEDIENCE How important is it for them that their followers do what they say exactly? Do they punish those who disobey, either by humiliating them, shunning them, revoking certain privileges or expelling them? UNQUESTIONING SUBMISSION When they give their interpretation of the religion, do they expect people to believe it without question or objections? MISPLACED LOYALTY Are followers expected to be loyal to the leader more than everyone else, even their country or family? EMPHASIS ON PERFORMANCE Do they tell followers to practically carry out certain acts to prove their belief? EXCLUSIVISM Are followers made to believe that only their belief system is correct and the rest of the world is wrong? Do followers only associate with people of the same school of thought? Do they isolate themselves or become more serious and quiet? 17