The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 | Page 15

E MOTIONAL HOW PEOPLE ARE RECRUITED When someone becomes a terrorist, it has very little to do with religiosity. If it were about religiosity, why do we hear of attackers partying and drinking at clubs one night and murderously driving vans over innocent people the next day? After these incidents in the West, ISIS takes responsibility - but it is often the case that ISIS was never in direct contact with the attackers. MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 05 / JUN 2017 Many of the converts in the West who adopt radical Islam are those who come from broken families. They’re people who are likely to suffer from inferiority complexes 2 and who have felt a perpetual sense of deprivation 3 throughout their lives. They frequently feel alienated from society due to their social class. 15 m When a mosque needs donation, the religious orator will tell worshippers specific stories of Prophet Mohammad. They will recount tales of people giving Prophet Mohammad half of the things in their house in support of the establishment of Islam. In Any doctrine pertaining to any social or religious system can be used as an instrument of manipulation. If you manipulate a religion, you are controlling its theosophical aspect to take advantage of others. As a result of this mass level manipulation, humanity is enormously divided into many different religious factions. explaining these events, they will declare that such people who made these sacrifices became the apple of God’s eye. This is all said to ignite emotions within the listeners. Having done this, they ask worshippers for donations, implying that the more they give, the closer they will be to God. In 2015, the office of a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was the location of a brutal massacre by Islamist terrorists. Charlie Hebdo had been printing caricatures of different religious figures such as Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad. In Islam, it is considered heresy to depict Prophet Mohammad in any way. Using this point, Islamists rallied their troops by saying that the people at Charlie Hebdo were enemies of Islam and that those who loved Islam should come forward to attack Charlie Hebdo. Emotional manipulation is the main tool that the terrorists are using today. The inspiration behind these emotionally manipulative people is a hunger for power and control. If psychological manipulation were to be stopped, we would not have as many terrorists as we have today. to a certain degree, perhaps even without realising that they are doing it. You will see it on a domestic level, at the workplace, at schools and colleges - and especially in worship places. Religious manipulation is a technique used by some abusive mosques, churches, temples, synagogues and other worship places to give the impression that their twisted agendas are in accordance with the Koran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Guru Granth Sahib, Torah, etc. They cherry pick the verses of the holy books that support their religious bias. manipulation starts from the cradle and takes you to the grave. Religion and society have a role to play in strongly influencing our emotions. Some people will tell you stories, generate a wave of emotions, manipulate those emotions and make you do things that you would normally hate to do. Chances are, you don’t even realise how you’re being manipulated while it is happening because of how discrete and deceptive emotional manipulation is. Sweet talk and words of praise are gateways to emotional manipulation. If somebody is being really nice to you who is never nice normally, then this should be a red flag for you. In a similar way, those wanting to emotionally manipulate you might also start off by placing blame upon you. They will push you to a point where you feel helpless; you feel guilty for a crime you have not even committed. In this state, you ask them, ‘What should I do to please you?’ and then the original intent behind the drama becomes apparent. This is the moment they manipulate you for their agenda. This goes on every day, everywhere. Everyone does it