The Light - An Alumni Publication Summer 2015 | Page 23

FACES OF YFU Left: Micah Putnam in Japan in 2009 Right: Tomoko Putnam in the US in 1983 MISHA PUTNAM: A FAMILY’S TRADITION PROGRAM: Sweden, 2013 OCCUPATION: High School Student HOME: Arlington, VA “Family traditions are founded on novelty and strengthened in iterations. Our family has been intertwined with Youth For Understanding from the very start. It began in 1983, when Tokyo native Tomoko stepped into her new life as a YFU high school exchange student in Colorado. There she befriended a classmate, Bob, and they remained connected, eventually leading to their wedding in 1989. Bob and Tomoko’s cultural exchange broadened as they learned more intimately the influence each respective culture had on the other.” Read more about the incredible connection between YFU and the Putnams here. >> YFU • The Light | 23