The Light - An Alumni Publication Summer 2015 | Page 24

FACES OF YFU JOHN HANSEN: 55 AND COUNTING PROGRAM: Germany, 1960 OCCUPATION: Retired Superintendent of Dexter Community Schools; Michigan State Representative HOME: Dexter, MI It’s been 55 years this summer since no less than YFU Founder Dr. Rachel Andresen herself came to my high school and announced my selection for the summer exchange to Berlin. I above: profile picture; certainly had no idea I would be on my way back 55 years later, but here I stand, ticket in below: Hansen with long-time friend and host bro hand, for yet another visit. I will again be sleeping in the very same bedroom I used in 1960. Read more about Hansen’s life-long connection to YFU as a volunteer, host parent and donor here. >> Hansen was profiled in a YFU newsletter 30 years ago while superintendent of the Dexter Community Schools. Read the article here. >> 24 | The Light • YFU