The Light - An Alumni Publication Summer 2015 | Page 22

FACES OF YFU JASON JENNINGS: A REMARKABLE GIFT PROGRAM: France, 1969 OCCUPATION: Bestselling Author HOME: Tiburon, CA “My YFU program provided me a foundation of thrift, resourcefulness and resilience. It was the start of an inclusive world view, the ability to communicate with others, a fierce sense of selfreliance when confronted with challenging circumstances and aroused in me a curious mind that has taken me to more than 100 countries and cultures. The gift of experiencing and living in another culture and language proved to be priceless for me. That’s why YFU is an integral part of our family’s estate plan and why I’d urge all alumni to consider doing the same. Participation in YFU is a lifelong gift that should be repaid. For the record: I still don’t like raw horsemeat.”   Read more about the challenges Jennings faced while on exchange, including learning to eat unconventional family-favorite dishes. >> Consider remembering YFU in your estate planning. Contact Vice President for External Affairs Charlie Cadigan at [email protected]. 22 | The Light • YFU Jason Jennings is a New York Times bestselling author of eight books on leadership and business, USA TODAY has called him, “one of the three most in-demand business speakers in the world,” and he and his partner have visited more than 100 countries around the world. They continue to travel to new places and study new languages. He can be reached at [email protected].