The Landswoman March 1920 | Page 3

filE LA;...I>"-\\0\J Daffodils. T Songs of the Earth. ilE Voicf' of Spnng war; calltng u!>, a-cHiling ll!., a-calltng u~, Th" Voice of ~pnng wa!> < alhng us, And oh I had to go. \\hither we w• nt \\e knew not, we knew not, and we CMCd not, \\'hither we went we kn(!w not, But we wen• glad to go We damb~:rNJ up th(· hill sidt:, the dat!.y-~pcckled w•· hi 11-sidf• 1 \Vc clamberrd up th(• hill--.ide ,\nd ran into thi• \o,;ood, \nd tlwr,.-oh 1 the 11 in frolll of w•, all we could in r ront Cif u-,, Likl' sun-,hj rw ..,pn·ad 111 front of us, 1 h(• da ff od i lllf•.., ., I oud ~e 'I hi' brcc /.ls ki<....,Pndf'rh As though they .,..ere in love. · I h<' daffi('c; courthif'n raised thf'ir lip-; above To rnN t lh<>ir lovf'rs gait~, "o modc . . d~ and ~ail). 'l o mr<·t th1·ir lovf'r .... g-ailv And l>e ro longf'l -.hy. "-o the brN•.lf''> ... ant( for glatlnP"'• :-~nd laught·d .tg-.tin in ghu.lnt"..,s, 1 n ha pp~, joyou-. glad ne, ... , .\nd tossed thc• -.ound on high . . \nd thl'n tht• littlf' Am\'(·r..,, thl' \~ PRI 1'-< (., is the time of song~ Vet) thmg &ings and calls to ) ou c .tlls ) ou to nf!w JO) and hope Hlld understandtng. With lhe. first gr< y·,lk of d·twn the bird-. bebm ..o lly to pr.tct~l' ttwir note.:.. Later in the day th.-ir little thro~t-. are full o1 the song of lo\"t.~ ...o sweet and ._:ibrant that tt ~etms as though thf: whole world mu"L p.Ju ~ to hst(•n and wonder. lt i-,. not only Jove-..ongs th••} arc "inging ' I ht re· i!> one little bird just now-oh, ::.o lJu..,). ll<'r ..... mg rnnindo.; }OU of a c.rochP.t n£t·dk d.trting an and out, ~toppmg t·v1·ry now and thl'n to put~ through a ... tttch I f..tnq ~he b m •• ka .g the hut..~ downy j:1t kf't... for the: babie~, coming now ..,o "-kin~ and qu<:..,tioning, a.nt \\ill e-nd. '\ ou will not 1·.1· ar ih ... on~ in the -.ummc-r. .\ nd what of ~1othf"r E~n k,..,..,,.., and c-niJ., h1·r to .lctivit\. ll Pr pl:l"f' is quic-k1·ning with nPW liff'. Y{ v C:lll :thno-.t 1 • I it-. throb b<-nP.lth tht• "t>rin~inl{ ~ra........ .\lr1'.1dy (Contitwcd mt p,,~·· .)).) S wind- daint) littl•· wind-fiow~r", Thf' violf't<: nnd th<' \\ ind - flowf'ro;;, C'mn<· trcopi ng by thf' way; Th~') gath<>rf'd round dw daffif's thf• c;unc.hin<•- golden ' daffi~. All round about th<• da ffie~. l n dainty bright arra~. And as we o.;aw thi-; \\OndN, • this gn•at my.;;tenou-. wonder, 11w nevcr-<'nding won world <'all.;; Spring, . \\'(• • ·< ' • that LOV(' '" ~auty, and Jo~ j, ma OJ)('n and fn.~ ,, ("t)rn<'r of our h<'ad in "·hkh to mak•• room for thf• opinion ... (){ our fri<'nd