The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 8

.................................................................... Name: Indhia Duncan. Studying: Bachelor of Laws/International Relations. Position: Secretary. What made you want to become a part of BIAS: the opportunity to try to work towards bettering the future of indigenous Australians, as well as raising awareness about cultural differences and similarities within the community was too good to miss. The experiences within the society, particularly the social justice trip, have been amazing and life changing. What do you do to advocate social justice: Apart from the initiatives undertaken by BIAS, I try to advocate ideas of equality and to give people a different perspective than they may have considered before, particularly within a younger community. Name: David Tyquin Studying: Bachelor of Business/Commerce BIAS Position: Social Director What made you become a part of BIAS: I became a part of BIAS so that I could use the opportunities I have been given and make an impact and help on a local level. More so to try and teach and learn with the aboriginal people, "Close the Gap," and have fun! What plans do you have for the future: I have lots of ideas, but but things like having Res events, simple gatherings and then smaller things like food stalls, music, stuff like that. But basically I would ultimately like to start small and end up relatively big with large functions and involvement resulting in large fundraising capacity.