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Please finish this sentence: KDChi has changed my life by...

KDChi has changed my life by giving me a lifelong sisterhood and opening my eyes to new opportunities.

Other people look up to your mom as a KDChi founder, how do you see her?

Oh goodness, it gets very intense when we go somewhere and my mother is bombarded with girls asking for pictures of autographs. I've never seen my mother as a celebrity, I don't even think of her like that but it's amazing to see when other girls treat her like one. I know she really enjoys it and lightens up when she sees these sisters of ours treating her like the royalty she is.

Being in full time college student is alread tough. Do it as a mom with a sprinkling of KDChi in there and you got one super busy girl! But by showing her daughter this busy way of life, Elisabeth is hoping to create a bond with her daughterthat is priceless.

The Emerald: How did the legacy tradition start?

Elisabeth: The legacy tradition started with me and I am very happy to pass it onto my daughter Leah-Renee.

TE: How does if feel to have a younger daughter that you could possibly share this wonderful sisterhood with?

Elisabeth: It feels amazing to share the experience with her. She was able to get a glimpse into it because for certain events I would take her with me to participate. She was excited to get to go to the events and see all the girls. And when she is old enough and hopefully wants to join, I get to guide her as a mother through the process so it will be a great bonding experience as well.

TE: Have you taken her to events?

Elisabeth: Yes she has gone to events. She went to events while I did the process as well as events when I became a sister. Some events she went to were fundraisers, sister’s graduations, our annual class Christmas dinner, holiday events, and would hang out with the sisters whenever we had movie nights or went to local events.

TE: When do you plan to introduce KDChi into their life if you haven’t yet?

Elisabeth: I introduced her to my class sisters halfway during process, and then towards the end of my process I introduced her to the sisters.

TE: Do you have shirts or anything that has Kappa Delta Chi legacy for them?

Elisabeth: Yes I do. She has a pink jacket that has KDChi Legacy, a penguin stuffed animal that one

of the sisters gave her, and also a shirt that says “Born to be a Penguin.”

Elisabeth Lopez - Omicron

Leah-Renee - daughter

Building A Legacy

...creating a History

By Griselda Estrada