The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Fall 2015 - Page 15

When you hear the words "law enforcer", what image comes to mind? If you said the words "KDChi women", you are absolutely right! KDChi is home to some of the finest law personnel who are dedicated to keeping our communities out of harms way. Let's get to know Jennifer Perez, a Police Officer with the Houston Police Department, Elizabeth "Chevy" Sosa, Supervisor of Placement Services Unit with Dallas County Juvenile Department and Delia Castro, an officer with the Dallas Police Department. Join us as we honor these hardworking women and learn about their routines, their dedication and how the sisterhood influences their career.

Delia is a Sr. Corporal in the Dallas Police Department.

She joined Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. at Alpha Chapter, Fall 1998 and graduated as an English Major from Epsilor Chapter.

National Leadership Awards

Congratulations to all award recipients for the 2014-2015 season! It's always so inspiring to see so many sisters triumph in their personal and professional lives. We share pride in their achievements and look forward to hearing about all the other amazing accomplishments that each sister of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. will accomplish. Continue being leaders in your communities and campuses, representing Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc!

Outstanding Undergraduate Philanthropist

As a nursing student in at Arizona State University, this sister has maintained a 3.5 GPA while completing 35 hours of service a semester. As president she worked to improve her leadership skills while fostering a positive environment in her chapter. Congratulations to our outstanding undergraduate philanthropist Sara Santos.

Alumnae Chapter of the Year

This chapter has been active 5 years in a row and is consistently reliable in their service to their community. This alumnae chapter has set an example for other alumnae chapters through their support and exemplary commitment to our values. Congratulations to Southern Nevada, Alumnae Chapter of the Year.

Alumnae Regional Chair of the year

The Alumnae Regional Chair of the Year has been responsible for the biggest region in the country. She has supported chapters and facilitated a community through the region that strengthens our bond of alumnae. Congratulations to Annette Campos, Alumnae Regional Chair of the year.

Regional Chairs of the Year

Undergraduate regional chairs have a huge responsibility to keep our sisterhood alive. They work as mentors, facilitators and cheerleaders for all that undergraduates have to complete throughout the year. These sisters work hard hustling to make our organization work. There are two regional chairs who stood out this year as leaders. Congratulations to Melanie Castro and Kathaleeya Garcia, Regional chairs of the year, for going above and beyond in their service to our sisterhood.

Outstanding NC member of the year

Congratulations to Kristi Lenderman, Outstanding NC member of the year. She's always striving to give back to the sisterhood and this was voted on by your fellow NC members.

Outstanding NAC member of the year

The NAC member for this year has been an amazing addition to our sisterhood. I am so lucky to have seen her grow in her leadership and service to this organization through her national service. Her work in the collegiate affairs division has transformed our vision for chapters and the vision for our national future as a whole. We are extremely sad to see her leaving us, but incredibly excited for the difference she is going to make as she starts her masters in bilingual education. Thank you and congrats to Vanessa Trevino, our outstanding NAC member of the year.

Marissa Merino Scholarship Recipients

The Marissa Merino scholarship was created in 2001 in memory of Marissa Merino, a sister of the Zeta chapter, and the first member of the Omega chapter. It is awarded annually to sisters who demonstrated financial need as well as outstanding dedication to Kappa Delta Chi. Due to the amount of applicants this year, we have the opportunity to give out four different scholarships. Our scholarships this year will go to: Vanessa Trevino, Itzia Vicent-Aparicio, Genelly Ramos and Amanda Guitierrez.

Want to see your chapter or an individual mentioned here next fall? Be thinking and preparing your applications and don't forget to nominate your self, your chapter or another sister for the awards!