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elen Keller said it best, “Life is either a daring

adventure or nothing at all.” Having that

daring adventure means following your

dreams, achieving your goals and

sometimes changing locations to do so.

Whether its moving halfway across the county for graduate school or opting to teach English abroad, Kappa Delta Chi sisters take risks to make their dreams happen.

Here are 5 life lessons that our sisters have learned from changing area codes.

Gaby Zepeda



By KDChi Communications Officer, Alicia Bustillos

On day two of the Kappa Delta Chi national leadership conference sisters had the honor of attending the Operation Beautiful presentation done by Caitlin Boyle. Sisters learned through the interactive presentation how society has skewed the expectations of attractiveness that has crippled ladies (and gentlemens) self esteem in todays media driven life.

Boyle opened sisters eyes to the media's negative impact on things such as:

• Body Image

• Fat Talk and Negative Self-Talk

• Photoshopping and False Imagery

• The Objectification of Women in


• Cultivating a Positive Attitude

• Mixed Messages in Fitness Magazines

• Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

The Thin Ideal vs. The Healthy Ideal

Through the Operation Beautiful blog, which was launched in June of 2009, hundreds of thousands have been posted all around the world including Antartica, where even the penguins get to enjoy sharing in the positive vibes!

As said on Operation Beautiful: "Each note

conveys one simple truth: You are beautiful… just the way you are!"


Caitlin Boyle is the author, blogger, and motivational speaker behind, a self-esteem movement for girls and women. The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post positive messages in public places for strangers to find. Since the site began, hundreds of thousands of notes have been posted.

Caitlin is the author of three books, including two books about Operation Beautiful and an anti-diet guide for healthy

living. Her work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, the Today

Show, and in numerous print

outlets, including USA Today and

Glamour magazine.

Caitlin is a runner and

triathlete who juggles

her hobbies with running her small business and being a mother.

Angelic Garay