The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Fall 2015 | Page 17

Know that taking risks might be scary

Paula Martinez

Myra Garcia


Dearest Sister

It is with great joy and pride that The National Alumnae Association welcomes Kappa Delta Chi members to another school year! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new Vice President of Alumnae Affairs. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, I am the 3rd child of four in a Honduran family, and the first to go to college. I initiated Fall 2008 at the Alpha Zeta Chapter, and graduated from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas

in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I’m an Aries, love dogs, and favorite food is potatoes. I cannot express enough how much I love and appreciate my sisters, this organization, and what we represents; and how excited to take on this new leadership role!

As the school year begins, I hope that our collegiate sisters continue to work hard towards their graduation, but have a lot of fun while they’re at it. To our alumnae members, I hope that you will continue to make an impact in your community; it can be as simple as keeping a positive attitude around your peers! As sisters of Kappa Delta Chi, we share this bond to be committed not only to ourselves but the people around us. No matter where your path leads, this shared dream of Unity, Honesty, Leadership, and Integrity will help guide our endeavors to not only be better people, but create a better world.

Alumnae, we understand as your journey continues, KDChi is not always going to be at the top of your list. We hope that you never forget the dedication it takes to build this sisterhood and that your involvement is important not only for us now, but for those sisters to come. We don’t ask that you make us a priority; we ask that you do not forget the significance of our letters and the values we represent. If you take time off, don’t be scared to contact us again later… That's why the NAA is here!

After all, we are sisters and will always be waiting to hear from you again.

In loving sisterhood,

Angelic Garay

Letter from the VP of Alumnae Affairs

VP of Alumnae Affairs

Angelic Garay