The Edmonton Muse November 2019 | Page 23

Muse: What is your biggest achievement so far?

Treasa: “My biggest achievement, I guess is, being sponsored by Vancouver Fashion Week. I was one of eight new designers chosen from across Canada to showcase my first collection this past October at VFW. A wonderful opportunity for me!”

Muse: Where do you like to shop?

Treasa: “Shopping--oh boy! I do still enjoy the experience of shopping, especially when I travel. I love getting together with my friends, we find walkable, trendy areas where there are boutiques, we have fun looking and love it when we find that unique piece. We have lunch or grab a coffee and enjoy the shopping experience as a whole.”

Muse: How would you describe the clothes you design?

Treasa: “I think what I do well in my designs is knowing women and my demographic. I like to use silhouettes that I know work and that women love and turn it into something unique. Unique by adding great details, changing textures, trying to take it from" boring "to "omg its so cute I have to have it!" My designs will always have a little edge to them. I love layering, and love to make pieces that can be used several ways. For example I have made a wool shrug or I like to call it a "better version of a scarf," it's so cute. I like to wear it over a dress, leather jacket, or a jumpsuit, it works as a layering piece with almost anything.”

Muse: Who is your favourite designer?

Treasa: “There are so many wonderful designers! One of my absolute favourites is Haider Ackermann.”