The Edmonton Muse November 2019 | Page 24

Breast Cancer Awareness &

Blessed Grove Keepsakes

October was not just the backdrop to our Fall in full swing, it was also Breast cancer awareness month. Many local activities large and small tied in, one of the best-known being the “Fashion with Compassion” event presented by Syncrude. Held in support of Compassion House, the annual gala is one of the premiere events in the #yeg fashion calendar. And this year was no exception, with a

fabulous show presented to another full house at the Shaw

Conference Center late in the month.

At this time we especially celebrate those who have fought,

those who have survived, and remember those who have

lost their battle with breast cancer. Like many, I have also

lost several people dear to me (including a bestie and

my mom) to this terrible disease. But as we remember, we

must also focus on the success stories, and live our best

lives here and now for ourselves and the rest!

This month we celebrate the success of local emerging designer Treasa Ruth, the subject of our feature article. The remarkable woman behind rebellious TRuth is also a breast cancer survivor, and her “Wonder Woman” collection pays homage to this symbol of strength and courage. She has overcome several obstacles to get to where she is today, being a wife & mother to teenagers as well, and making fashion design a second career. So I just wanna say - mad respect Treasa! … your future is looking mighty bright, and I could not be happier for you. All of your hard work and determination are paying off!