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Remembering Veterans Day with my late father

The last Veterans Day I spent with my dad is forever etched in my mind .
I ’ ve always been proud to say my dad is a Vietnam veteran . He was the first to tell you he didn ’ t do anything special . He drove a truck and other vehicles around Vietnam , kept his head down , and tried not to do anything that wouldn ’ t get him sent home alive . I didn ’ t care what he did . I was just proud to say he served our country during that unpopular time in our nation ’ s history .
During my days as a reporter , we actually spent a lot of Veterans Days together . Some of them were warm and sunny . Some were crisp fall days . We ’ d stand side by side on the court square listening to the message delivered that year and often head out to the AMVETS for lunch before I ’ d return to work to write my story .
On our last Veterans Day
Josie Sellers
together at the court square , it hit me that some day my dad wouldn ’ t be by my side . He fought Parkinson ’ s disease long and hard , but on that day the signs of what was to come where there . As usual he saluted the flag , but his arm shook so bad he had trouble keeping his hand where it belonged . I abandoned my notebook and held his elbow for as long as he needed me to .
Parkinson ’ s , which was linked to exposure from Agent Orange , slowly started making going out hard for my dad . When he stopped going to the AMVETS , that ’ s when people really knew something was wrong .
My dad passed away in February 2019 shortly before Valentine ’ s Day , but that ’ s not the hard holiday for me . Taps and the gun salute take on a whole new meaning after you ’ ve watched them be done for a loved one . I struggle to cover Veterans Day and Memorial Day services on the court square . The few times I didn ’ t have someone else to work for me , I did my job with tears in my eyes and cried like a baby when the honor guard fired their rifles .
I struggle to be a part of these stories . Actually , I even shed a few tears while I wrote this . But then I remember that moment on the court square with my dad . He was proud and stubborn . He refused to give up on that salute . Those are all characteristics I see in myself and my daughters . They didn ’ t get to know him long , but I will remind them to stand tall and proud like Grandpa did , even when life is difficult .

Hasseman has new service

Coshocton-based marketing firm and promotional products distributor Hasseman Marketing & Communications announced new digital marketing services for new and existing clients . While Hasseman Marketing already provided marketing services to clients , this new Consolidated Inbox service will help streamline communication for clients and will provide an affordable way for customers to market themselves . Dustin Haywood will head up the new services .
“ We offer an all-in-one communication platform for your business ,” Haywood said . “ That will help you automate your followup and interaction with your customers , leading to more
happy clients and more money in your pocket .”
The Consolidated Inbox platform is designed to help businesses keep up with communication . When customers and prospects reach out on social-media platforms , they expect a prompt response . The more platforms businesses are managing , the harder it is to keep up .
In addition , it ’ s a platform to reach out to satisfied customers to request
Google reviews and build one ’ s online reputation .
“ We have been discussing the new service with clients , and the response has been overwhelmingly positive ,” Hasseman Marketing CEO Kirby Hasseman said . “ It ’ s great because it ’ s not only powerful , but it ’ s an affordable tool for clients that might not have been able to afford more elaborate marketing services .”
Hasseman Marketing headquarters is located at
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Coshocton BPW names its Woman of the Year

CORRECTION : A name appeared incorrectly with this photo in the Nov . 4 Beacon . The caption should have read : Bruce Gault , left ; Aimee Neighbor , Coshocton BPW Woman of the Year recipient ; and Pat Talbot , president of Coshocton Local BPW .


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