The Chocolate Den e-magazine The Chocolate Den e-magazine April-June 2015 - Page 14

Salted Caramel Truffles Ingredients 350g cream 1 fresh vanilla pod 400g castor sugar 70g liquid glucose 30g butter Salt Method 1. 2. Place vanilla pod (seeds scrapped out of pod) in a pot with cream and salt. Heat but do not boil. In a separate pot place liquid glucose and castor sugar. Boil until dark brown. 5. 3. Slowly add warm cream to caramel while it is still on the heat. Allow to cool. Pipe into trufe shells. Seal with melted chocolate. 4. When blended together pour through a sieve. Allow to cool and then add butter. Mix together until they bind. 6. Dip into meted chocolate and decorate as desired.