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Advancing 21 st Century Policing: The Arlington Police Department Report to the Community TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA Shared Network Services Wide area network services allow the department to access and search state databases for suspects, vehicles and property under investigation. This secured network and database is made possible by Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems and the Texas Crime and Information Center. The Texas Department of Transportation shares information using a web-based program called Crash Reporting and Analysis for Safer Highways, which tracks, reports and analyzes trends. Policy management software Commonly referred to as Power DMS, this software is saving the department time and money. APD uses this system to share documents such as General Orders, department policy and training information. Internal communication The police intranet functions as an internal web page that gives sworn and nonsworn staff access to information such as reports, arrest records , training history, along with a digital bulletin board for announcements. Web site for the public An external web site at provides the public with access to everything from crime data and special reports to news and information about the department. The public can also review active calls on the web. This information is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information-sharing across police districts SharePoint is an internal webpage that allows the department to share information across police districts. This technology gives officers access to training bulletins, personnel forms and more. The City’s Information Technology Department manages the SharePoint server with a content manager who keeps information current. APD has been using social media since 2011 and has been recognized for the way we use it to engage the community. Records management software The department uses a Records Management System as a tool for collecting data and reporting crime. This system allows the department to process investigations, perform administrative processes, pull inquires and document daily tasks that officers perform in the field. The program has a built-in workflow and e-mail notification system which allows officers and civilian staff to stay connected and informed. Social media networking Arlington finds immense value in social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media platforms like these are being used to connect the community with their police department. Using social media, we share crime alerts and engage the public in efforts to prevent and solve crime. We highlight great police work and community partnerships as well. APD also benefits from the social media commentary about the department, its programs and issues. The feedback we receive via social media allows us to identify and mitigate safety concerns in the community. Visit us on the web at 9